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月ノ花 || Moonflower

tsuki no hana

Vocals: flower, 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku), 結月ゆかり (Yuzuki Yukari)
Lyrics: R Sound Design
Composed by: R Sound Design
Upload date: 12 December 2020

Requested by: koenkuiper12
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月ノ花よ この夜を飾れ


唯只管に歌うだけ この願いよ月に届け

月ノ花よ 空を舞う鳥よ


唯只管に踊るだけ この想いよ月に届け


月ノ花 独り揺れる
繋いだ白い指先も 梔子の様な香りも
唯只管に歌うだけ この願いよ月に届け


aoi yoru ni hitohira no namida
sabishisa kanata ni hana ga saita
tsuki no hana yo kono yoru o kazare
itoshii anata ni mo kitto mieru you

machi wa marude dare mo inai sekai
kodoku o tsuki ga terashiteru

azayaka na tsuki no yoru ni mai kanaderu anata e no omoi
futari aenai setsunasa mo furitsumoru hodo en to naru
soshite itsuka futari koko de meguriaeru koto o shinjite wa
tada hitasura ni utau dake kono negai yo tsuki ni todoke

aoi tsuki ni hakanage ni saita
namida o yarisugita hana ga kareta
tsuki no hana yo sora o mau tori yo
aenai toki wa itsu made tsuzuku

yozora o kakeru hoshi no fune ni notte
anata no machi made tobeta nara

odayaka na tsuki no yoru ni koikogareru anata e no omoi
futari ikudo koe o kawashi na o yobiatta hibi wa tooku
yagate futari wakatsu kabe ga kaze ni tokete sora ni kieru made
tada hitasura ni odoru dake kono omoi yo tsuki ni todoke

hana yo tori yo kaze yo tsuki yo machi yo hito yo
akenai yoru yo
dare mo inai butai de odoru
itsuka no yakusoku o mune ni daite

tsuki no hana hitori yureru
kasuka nokoru anata no omokage ga
tsunaida shiroi yubisaki mo kuchinashi no you na kaori mo
soshite itsuka futari koko de meguriaeru koto o shinjite wa
tada hitasura ni utau dake kono negai yo tsuki ni todoke


I shed a tear during a blue night.
Flowers of loneliness bloomed in the distance.
O moonflowers, adorn the night.
I hope you, so dear to me, can see it too.

The streets are like a world void of people.
The moon lights up my isolation.

My feelings for you dance in the bright, moonlit night.
The more the sorrow of us being apart falls, the more it becomes a sheen.
I believe we’ll meet here again someday
and I sing with all my heart, hoping my wish will reach the moon.

Flowers bloomed for a moment under the blue moon.
They withered, too far gone in tears.
O moonflowers, o birds dancing in the sky!
Our time apart continues forever.

If I boarded the starship racing through the night sky
and flew to your city—

My feelings for you grow stronger during a silent, moonlit night.
The days when we called each other’s names so often are distant.
Until the walls that divide us melt in the wind and vanish into the sky,
I will dance with all my heart, hoping my feelings will reach the moon.

O flowers, birds, wind, moon, city, and people!
O eternal night!
I dance on an empty stage,
holding a distant promise close to my heart.

The moonflower sways alone.
Traces of your figure remain—
Your white fingertips linked to mine, and your gardenia-like fragrance.
I believe we’ll meet here again someday
and I sing with all my heart, hoping my wish will reach the moon.



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4 responses to “月ノ花 || Moonflower”

  1. koenkuiper12 Avatar

    Merry Christmas Releska-san! ❤

    Thanks for the translation! This is one of the more interesting works of R Sound Design that he published so far, as he used three vocals and possibly made this for a game. The beat and tempo feels apt for those rhythm games Japan has in their arcades. Also, this is another one of R Sound Design's songs referencing literature. I believe this is a reference to Princess Kaguya, with the moon, distance, longing, love, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you have a safe and happy festive season and a happy 2022 (^_^)

      I thought the three vocals were interesting too, and it made me wonder if there might actually be three different speakers in the song… I’d agree with the Kaguya references too. Part of the challenge of translating this was working out whether it’s one moonflower or more than one – I settled on starting with a group and ending with just one, but it could possibly go another way…


      1. koenkuiper12 Avatar

        More moonflowers? That’s an interesting take! Is there the possibility that R Sound Design added some hanakotoba in the song then?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Releska Avatar

          Possibly! I don’t have enough knowledge in the area to say anything for certain, unfortunately…


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