僕ら幽霊船の夢の中 || We’re Dreaming of a Ghost Ship

bokura yuureisen no yume no naka
We’re Dreaming of a Ghost Ship

Vocals: 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin)
Lyrics: 田中B (TanakaB)
Composed by: 田中B (TanakaB)
Upload date: 25 February 2020

Requested by: ノストラさんが来る
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僕ら幽霊船の夢の中 遥か水平線の向こう側
ここは幽霊船の夢の中 かすかに透明な鐘の音




僕ら幽霊船の夢の中 まずは重力圏の向こうへと
ここは幽霊船の夢の中 確かに透明な鐘の音



僕ら幽霊船の夢の中 未踏の地平線も乗り越えて
ここは幽霊船の夢の中 やがて空想で見た鐘の色


『僕ら幽霊船の夢の中 ノア! ノア!』



tobikonde sakasa ni natta sekai kara
usagi no uta to sora to ippen no hane
doteppara ni uchikomareta uso mo
ori no naka de kikoeta uwasa mo
keshi tonde ameagari no utakata

kawaru gawaru matenrou no kage
kinou kaida rimonen no kaori
ki ga tsuitara kono semai remon no karada o ukabeta

bokura yuureisen no yume no naka haruka suiheisen no mukougawa
aojiroi kouro o terashita nara tsukisusume!
koko wa yuureisen no yume no naka kasuka ni toumai na kane no oto

kotoba dake ja tsutawaranee zo!

tobichitta koppen hirotte inoru
sabitsuita kan ni ippai no rikaa
sukippara ni nagashikonde kara
hotetta atama de hitorigochita
sore ga dou shita miren datte tachikitte tatande uragitte

moete akaruku unaru matenrou no kage
chikadzuite kuru pinen no kaori
me o aitara kono semai sora e to karada o ukabete

bokura yuureisen no yume no naka mazu wa juuryokuken no mukou e to
honogurai kouro o terashita mama tsuki susume!
koko wa yuureisen no yume no naka tashika ni toumei na kane no oto

koko ja mou kotoba wa iranee zo!

nobe no okuri ni shinzou odoru
kuruizaita sekizui no kioku
miokuttara kono semai nukegara ni sayonara tsugete

bokura yuureisen no yume no naka mitou no chiheisen mo norikoete
hikari sae oikoshite kanata e tsuki susume!
koko wa yuureisen no yume no naka yagate kuusou de mita kane no iro
are kuruu seijaku no naka e to tsudzuite iku

soshite mata kurikaesu
sekai e to hikikaesu
hora, mata sugu ni aesou da

“bokura yuureisen no yume no naka noa! noa!”

ashita wa kotoba de wakari aeru zo!


I leaped in, then the world went upside-down
with rabbitsong, the sky and a feather surrounding me.
The lies hammered into my guts
and the rumours I heard in my cage
scattered away like a bubble after the rain.

The shadows of skyscrapers appear in turn.
I smelt yesterday’s limonene fragrance.
Before I knew it, I had set the small lemon adrift.

We’re dreaming of a ghost ship, sailing beyond the distant horizon.
If our pale route is lit up, then let’s press on!
Here, in our ghost ship dream, you can faintly hear a bell’s clear sound.

Words alone aren’t enough!

I gather the scattered bone fragments and pray.
A cup of liquor is in the rusty can.
I drunk it on an empty stomach
and muttered to myself with a flushed face.
So what? I’ll cut off my lingering attachment, fold away and betray them.

The skyscraper figures burn and hum brightly.
The fragrance of pinene draws closer.
I opened my eyes and set my body adrift into the narrow sky.

We’re dreaming of a ghost ship. We start by going beyond the gravitational field.
Let’s press on while our gloomy route is lit up!
Here, in our ghost ship dream, you can definitely hear a bell’s clear sound.

You don’t need words now!

My heart raced when I saw you off in the field.
My spinal memories bloomed madly like flowers.
Once I saw you off, I bid farewell to that cramped husk.

We’re dreaming of a ghost ship. We’ll pass the untrodden horizon as well.
We’ll press on into the distance, surpassing even light itself!
We’re dreaming of a ghost ship. At last, the colour of the bell from my visions is in sight.
We run wild, heading deeper into the silence.

And so, it starts again.
We head back to the world.
Well, it looks like I’ll see you again soon!

“We’re dreaming of a ghost ship! Noah! Noah!”

Tomorrow, let’s talk it out!



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3 responses to “僕ら幽霊船の夢の中 || We’re Dreaming of a Ghost Ship”

  1. raineydayparade Avatar

    Love this artist, quite cutesy compared to tanakaB’s works

    Wonder if “noah” refers to noah’s ark lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Haha yeah, it might be referring to Noah’s Ark. Now I’m picturing Noah’s Ark as a ghost ship…


      1. raineydayparade Avatar

        i mean i don’t know much about religion but that sounds like it’d be recreated (on a smaller scale) as some ‘parade float’ in new orleans or something lol

        Liked by 1 person

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