あなたが悼んでくれたから || Because You Mourned Me

anata ga itande kureta kara
Because You Mourned Me

Vocals: 音街ウナ (Otomachi Una), GUMI
Composed by: Akali (RINGO)
Lyrics: Akali (RINGO)
Upload date: 27 January 2018

Requested by: Tori
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死人に口出し 運命に情無し

この時代なら まともな死だって


あなたはずるい あなたが欲しい。
わたしを悼んだ あなた、わたしとおそろい。


(妄想 扇動 愛情 胎動
本能 混同 本性 混合)


(気道 圧迫 脈動 抹殺
絶望 同調 絶息 結合)





donten moyou no kitai
dore hodo seisan nandai
kiri hanasareru sunzen
sugoku itakatta ndarou ne

seiten moyou no fuhai
are hodo sugaritsuita sei
hikihagasareru shunkan
hontou ni kowakatta ndarou ne

shinin ni kuchidashi unmei ni jounashi
watashi o itanda, anata ni o-mimai!

ijirashii teikou ni yarareta nda
amari ni mo kawaisou datta
kono jidai nara matomo na shi datte
assari ukeireraretara naa…

hanten moyou no “itai”
are hodo kajiritsuita teki
tsukikuzusarete anten
kitto kuyashikattarou ne

anata wa zurui anata ga hoshii.
watashi o itanda anata, watashi to o soroi.

“kawaisou” o souzou shite

(mousou sendou aijou taidou
honnou kondou honshou kongou)

hakairyoku ni hirefushite

(kidou appaku myakudou massatsu
zetsubou douchou zessoku ketsugou)

kossori shimatte
jitsu ni ichizu de arifureta negai
(jidai okure de samekitta watashi wa
uchisuterarete doro darake)

itamashii kirikuchi o aishita nda
hontou ni kawaisou ja nai ka…!
kono jidai ni kimi rashiku ikita
assari ukeirerarenai ya…
yappari yurushite wa kurenai ka…

anata rashii awaremi ni hikareta nda
yasuppoi “yuujou” o ajiwatte
“anata ga itande kureta kara”
watashi to onaji ana no mujina de,
onaji hakaana no mukuro da.


I’ve got premonitions of cloudy weather.
How ghastly will it be?
I’m on the brink of being decapitated.
It’s gonna hurt so badly.

The signs of sunny weather rot away.
I clung so tightly to life.
To be honest, I was scared
of the moment it’d be torn away.

Dead men tell tales. Fate is emotionless. (1)
I’ll pay a visit to you, who grieved me!

I was done in by pathetic resistance.
How pitiful I was.
If only I could easily accept an honest death
in times like this…

I feel speckled pain
from my foe who bit into me that much.
I was knocked down and I blacked out.
It must have been so annoying.
Come on…

You’re so sneaky. I want you.
You grieved for me. You and I are the same.

I create something pitiful.

(Delusion. Sedition. Love. Quickening.
Instinct. Confusion. True nature. Mixture.)

I prostrate myself before destructive power.

(Airway. Pressure. Pulsation. Obliteration.
Despair. Conformity. Death. Union.)

Hide me away.
(All rotted away.)
That was my ordinary, wholehearted wish.
(I was behind the times and ice cold.
I was thrown away, covered in grime.)

I loved that tragic blade wound.
Aren’t you pitiful…!
You lived your own way in this era.
It can’t be accepted easily…
You definitely won’t forgive me, will you…?

I was attracted to your pity, which was so like you.
I tasted cheap friendship.
“Because you mourned me,”
we were like two animals in the same den,
two corpses in the same grave.

Translator’s note

(1) 死人に口出し is a corruption of 死人に口無し (shinin ni kuchi nashi, dead men tell no tales).



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8 responses to “あなたが悼んでくれたから || Because You Mourned Me”

  1. Tori Avatar

    Do you still plan on making edits to this and 首/Head? I know you’re probably busy, but I want to make sure that you didn’t forget. Thank you again and my apologies for my impatience!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Thank you for checking back in on this! I had another think about it and I’m going to prioritise my backlog of requests. I won’t go back to redo these.


  2. Tori Avatar

    By the way, is it okay if I ask you about some of the grammar? I made my own translation of this before you posted yours so I could see how much I had improved and there’s some things I’m still confused on even after trying to do research on my own. Thank you again for translating this for me!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Hi! If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer (^_^)


      1. Tori Avatar

        Thank you so much!

        So this song connects to 首/Head (which I probably should’ve mentioned beforehand- my apologies!) and I felt that this was Una talking to GUMI.
        I interpreted だろうね as acting similar to か, so “斬り離される寸前 / すごく痛かったんだろうね” I translated as “The moment before you were decapitated / It was awfully painful for you, wasn’t it?”

        Similarly, 引き剥がされる瞬間 / 本当に怖かったんだろうね / ね。 I took as “The second that it was ripped off / That was really scary for you, wasn’t it? / It was.” though since GUMI strangled Una, I could also see this specific line as Una asking GUMI if she was afraid of having her lingering attachments to love and dreams be cut away.

        突き崩されて暗転 / きっと悔しかったろうね I interpreted as “Being knocked down by a sudden turn for the worst / Was definitely disappointing, wasn’t it?”, with the line before I took as Una biting into her foe (GUMI).

        腐り果てた I felt was in reference to the line 腐り果てた私の夢 in 首, so I got “They (dreams) had been corrupted.”

        I also felt that “かわいそう”を創造して and 破壊力に平伏して were more of commands, though I know that the て form could just mean ている as well.

        Thank you for your time and my apologies for the lengthy message! 😅


        1. Releska Avatar

          That’s okay! I always enjoy getting these sorts of messages since they help us get closer to what the lyricist is trying to convey. I think you raise really good points.

          Looking at the される寸前 parts, I chose to keep it in the present tense but didn’t do enough research to see how it’s actually used – and I think your interpretation of it is more accurate to how it’s actually used. Better still, you’ve got a clear reason behind why you think that way, and you’ve compared it to another song by the same composer too!

          You raise a good point about 腐り果てた too. Since it appears in another song consistency is good. I must admit I’m still not sure about how to handle “かわいそう”を創造して…

          I had another look through 首/Head and I already spotted a few things I’d reword in both songs (^_^); So thanks again for your comment!

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Tori Avatar

    Thank you so much!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      You’re very welcome! (^_^)


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