ki ki kai kai

ki ki kai kai Vocals: GUMILyrics: sasakure.UKComposed by: sasakure.UKAlbum: 不謌思戯モノユカシー (Fukashigi Monoyukasy)Release Date: 2 December 2015 Requested by: Spicy jello It’s likely that the title is referring to 奇々怪々 (kiki kaikai – mysterious). Watch out for the different places where the lyricist uses words that sound similar to it, though! 日本語 まちの秩序は ぼくの躯よりも早く歪み出した劈(つんざ)くように 謳うように闇が押し寄せる音がするんだ悲しい過去も 失うユメも数知れず… Continue reading ki ki kai kai


METAMORPHOSE Vocals: GUMILyrics: ぽわぽわP (PowaPowa-P) Composed by: ぽわぽわP (PowaPowa-P)Album: ぽわぽわーくす (Powapoworks)Release date: 27 April 2013 Requested by: anonymous 毎日毎分毎秒君に会いたいと願ってるよ量子の海 指 なぞって今日も必死にそう願うんだ mainichi maifun maibyoukimi ni aitai to negatteru yoryoushi no umi yubi nazottekyou mo hisshi ni sou negau nda Every day, every minute, every secondI wish to see you.I trace my finger along a quantum… Continue reading METAMORPHOSE

キャラメルヘヴン || Caramel Heaven

キャラメルヘヴンkyarameru hevunCaramel Heaven Vocals: GUMILyrics: Last Note.Composed by: Last Note.Upload date: 19 October 2014 Requested by: PlynWatch the official video on YouTube! Haven’t we all spent at least one sleepless night worrying about something coming up the next day… 瞼までもうパッチリ全開 午前2時です、眠気なんてナッシング!おやおやなんだこりゃ? 隊長、わたくしテンパっておりますようで!初めてのデート向かう前夜 どうにもこうにも落ち着きゃしませんやあらあら勝負服に今から着替えって どんだけ気が早い? mabuta made mou pacchiri zenkai gozen niji desu, nemuke nante nasshingu!oyaoya nanda korya? taichou, watakushi… Continue reading キャラメルヘヴン || Caramel Heaven

ワールプール || Whirlpool

ワールプールwaarupuuruWhirlpool Vocals: GUMILyrics: Chippy (志茉理寿)Composed by: Chippy (志茉理寿)Upload Date: 26 June 2020 Requested by: raineydayparadeWatch the official video on YouTube! とめどない言葉は奪われて袖を強く握りしめてさ代わりのない時間は嘘をついて掠れた声届かない tomedo nai kotoba wa ubawaretesode o tsuyoku nigirishimete sakawari no nai jikan wa uso o tsuitekasureta koe todokanai Endless words are stolen away.I’ll tightly grip your sleeve.Irreplaceable time tells lies.My hoarse voice won’t reach… Continue reading ワールプール || Whirlpool

電波中毒ガール || Electronic Wave Addiction Girl

電波中毒ガールdenpa chuudoku gaaruElectronic Wave Addiction Girl Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku), GUMILyrics: zakooonComposed by: zakooonAlbum: NostalgicRelease Date: 13 November 2013 Requested by: cozmogardenWatch the official video on YouTube! The instances of (笑)/(lol) are written in the on-screen lyrics, but aren’t sung. The title translation is also official. 手のひらサイズの”世界”が 僕を遠くの君へと繋げるきっと目の前にいる君よりも 遠く俯き加減の君にさ tenohira saizu no “sekai” ga boku… Continue reading 電波中毒ガール || Electronic Wave Addiction Girl

カンテラ || Lantern

カンテラkanteraLantern Vocals: GUMILyrics: 宮下遊 (Miyashita Yuu)Composed by: 宮下遊 (Miyashita Yuu)Original Upload Date: 23 October 2013 Requested by: Vending Machine + InnomiWatch the official video on NicoNico! There may be some significance behind the number 2049, but unfortunately I couldn’t work it out… 喚声は 終わらない 薬剤の記者会見でベレッタ 泣き出し 陬遠(すうえん)に権勢は 続かない 政令の強制労働右に 2049 落下せよ kansei wa owaranai yakuzai… Continue reading カンテラ || Lantern

あいからかいあ || From lovevol morF

あいからかいあai karaka iaFrom lovevol morF Vocals: GUMILyrics: MARUDARUMAComposed by: MARUDARUMAUpload Date: 20 October 2011 Requested by: Anon IIWatch the official video on YouTube! The title seems to be a sort of mirrored phrase: it’s あいから (ai kara, from love) but continues on with a mirrored version of the phrase. A few lines feature the word… Continue reading あいからかいあ || From lovevol morF

チャイニーズドグマ || Chinese Dogma

チャイニーズドグマchainiizu dogumaChinese Dogma Vocals: IA, GUMILyrics: masa (まさ)Composed by: masa (まさ)Circle: -MASA Works DESIGN-Upload Date: 22 October 2013 Requested by: shishikusasWatch the official video on YouTube! This song was also remade and rereleased under a different name. It seems as though the words in Marathi/Arabic aren’t sung and don’t have much meaning by themselves, but please let me… Continue reading チャイニーズドグマ || Chinese Dogma

バンカーバスター || Bunker Buster

バンカーバスターbankaa basutaaBunker Buster Vocals: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク), GUMILyrics: Masa (まさ)Composed by: Masa (まさ)Circle: -MASA Works DESIGN-Upload Date: 22 December 2012 Requested by: TapewormWatch the official video on YouTube! Given that Masa is no stranger to incorporating foreign languages in his songs, I feel that ‘Benrii paaraa’ and similar phrases seen in the choruses may be borrowed from… Continue reading バンカーバスター || Bunker Buster

風邪 || Flu

風邪kazeFlu Vocals: GUMILyrics: 鬱P (Utsu-P)Composed by: 鬱P (Utsu-P)Album: 悪巫山戯 (Warufukaze / Prank)Release Date: 8 August 2013 Requested by: Giovanalc ‘Flu’ was chosen because the symptoms as described in the song seem a bit more severe than the common cold. 私の手を引いた命は 今もどこかで燃えているのかなあ watashi no te o hiita inochi wa ima mo dokoka de moete iru no kanaa… Continue reading 風邪 || Flu