Album art.
Album art.


Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: 虻瀬犬 (ABU-SE-KEN)
Composed by: 虻瀬犬 (ABU-SE-KEN)
Album: 犬よ、叫べよ、家畜共。 (dog / screaming / livestock)
Release date: 14 October 2019

Requested by: Skip

This track is short but also deceptively complicated. I think it’s about a girl who is sold by her father, who ultimately kills her captor and runs away with her older brother, but that’s not the only way to interpret the song.


兄さんはこう言った 「父さんは悪いやつなんだ」
真っ赤な眼の中 映るのは御祭りで

メスを片手 顔を見ると 彼はただ笑っていたんだ
腹を裂いて 喉を開けて 悲鳴の中

闇の中へ 血海の中へ 絶望の中へ


‘atashi’ no aru beki o hisshi ni arawasou to suru
nii-san wa kou itta “tou-san wa warui yatsu nanda”
makka na me no naka utsuru no wa omatsuri de
atashi no karada no nedan to tsumiagatteku kinka ga
atashi no zetsubou

“ikura nan desu ka?”
otoko no koe ga tsuyoku mimi o sashite
mesu o katate kao o miru to kare wa tada waratte ita nda
hara o saite nodo o akete himei no naka
te o dashite

“nigete shimaou ka, boku to kimi de
yami no naka e chiumi no naka e zetsubou no naka e
daijoubu, datte
kimi no sono karada wa shiroku kagayaite terashite kureru
nigete shimaou yo
douse ikiru imi mo mada nai ndesho”


They desperately sought to expose me.
My big brother said “Dad’s a bad guy.”
A festival was there in those red eyes.
The value of my body and the gold coins piling up
were my despair.

“How much?”
A man’s voice pierced my ears
and echoed.
He had a scalpel in hand, and he was just smiling. (1)
I ripped out his stomach, tore open his throat, and in the shrieks
he reached out.

“Shall we run away, you and I?
Into the darkness, the bloody sea, into despair…
It’s fine.
After all, your body shines white and illuminates me.
Let’s run away!
It’s not like we’ve got a reason to live yet.”

Translator’s note

(1) The word for scalpel (メス, mesu), also refers to a female animal.


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