Album art.

ながいきの神様 || The Long-lived God

Album art.

nagaiki no kamisama
The Long-lived God

Vocals: 花たん (Hanatan/YURiCA)
Lyrics: Kikuo
Composed by: Kikuo
Album: 第一幕 (First Act) [Official site]
Circle: きくおはな (Kikuohana)
Release date: 30 March 2016

Requested by: ClickityCursor


おしゃベりをしませんか 寂しい神様
どん底で苦しいの 光はただ遠い

儚き魂よ 暗闇こそ見つめよ
今 眼捨て去るがいい

生きるために 生きるために 希望を捨てている
ここは最果て 言葉の海に 今漂うだけさ ah…

殺すために … 誘うために …
やさしい世界 … 気持ちい世界 …

肉が剥がれてゆく 骨が溶けてゆくの
ただ遅く やさしいほど

生きるために 生きるために 音を捨てている
ここはどん底 永遠の言葉を ただ信じるだけさ ah…

守るために 残るために 中身捨てて
ああ神様 あなたは死人 私にそっくり

生きるために 残るために 全て捨ててきた
ああ神様 あなたは死人 もがいてこそ 苦しんでこそ



oshaberi o shimasen ka sabishii kamisama
donsoko de kurushii no hikari wa tada tooi

hakanaki tamashii yo kurayami koso mitsume yo
ima manako sute saru ga ii

ikiru tame ni ikiru tame ni kibou o sutete iru
koko wa saihate kotoba no umi ni ima tadayou dake sa ah…

korosu tame ni… izanau tame ni…
yasashii sekai… kimochii sekai…

niku ga hagarete yuku hone ga tokete yuku no
tada osoku yasashii hodo

ikiru tame ni ikiru tame ni oto o sutete iru
koko wa donsoko towa no kotoba o tada shinjiru dake sa ah…

mamoru tame ni nokoru tame ni nakami sutete
aa kamisama anata wa shibito watashi ni sokkuri

ikiru tame ni nokoru tame ni subete sutete kita
aa kamisama anata wa shibito mogaite koso kurushinde koso

mou osoi


Won’t you chat with me, lonely god?
Doesn’t it hurt in the abyss? The light is so far away.

Oh fleeting soul, look straight into the darkness.
Now, abandon your eyes.

To live, to live, I throw hope away.
This is the edge of the world. I’m just drifting in a sea of words. Ah…

To kill… to beckon…
to a kind world… to a world that feels good…

Flesh peels away and bones dissolve
slowly and tenderly.

To live, to live, I throw sounds away.
This is the abyss. I just believe in eternal words. Ah…

To protect, to leave it behind, I throw my innards away.
Oh God, you’re dead, just like me.

To live, to remain, I’ve thrown everything away.
Oh God, you’re dead. Whether you struggle or suffer

it’s too late.



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