さよならワンダーノイズ || Farewell Wonder Noise

sayonara wandaa noizu
Farewell Wonder Noise

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: n-buna
Composed by: n-buna
Upload date: 4 June 2013

Requested by: Anon II
Watch the official video on NicoNico!

I suspect this is linked to another song by the same producer that I translated back in 2021. I wonder if it’s a sequel to this one, or if it describes the same event but from a different point of view.


街灯沿い ずっとじゃあねって
君は泣いた ただ笑っていたいのに
そっと そっと 固まってしまったんだ

透明色 あの青にだって
触れたまんま 僕は色を選んでく
ずっと ずっと なくなって なって

そっと遠く消えた 涙の中に
いつかのあの景色を 見たくて

ぼくらの 答え 昨日も遠のいて
ワンダーノイズ 奪って泣いて だって
違う 嫌いだもう
呆然 ねぇ 待ってたってなんで
痛い 痛くてもう 歩けない

街灯沿い 今沈んでゆく
街の憧憬 ただ見下ろした僕らは
そっと そっと 傾いてしまっていて

帰ろうかって 泣き止んでた君が言う
欠けた詩が 口に篭ってく
そうさ ずっと隠していたままだ

赤く染められた空 心は締め切ったっけ?

嫌い ねぇ なんで歌ってんの?
ハイファイガール 去って泣いてたって
痛い 痛いよ ねぇ
そうさ 暗い答えを知ってバイバイ
歌う 答えにもう触れない


焦がれた思い 赤く染まっていく
夕暮れノイズ 歌って 泣いてたって
嫌い 嫌いだもう 全部嘘だってわかってよ
なんで縋すがる 鼓動を知ってたって
笑う あの日の君がずっと ずっと

僕らの答え 答えが遠のいて
ワンダーノイズ 奪って泣いて

違う 答えはない
そうさ 遠い 赤く染まった夕に
ねぇ わかってたって 僕は
君を ずっと



gaitouzoi zutto jaa ne tte
kimi wa naita tada waratte itai no ni
sotto sotto katamatte shimatta nda

toumeishoku ano ao ni datte
fureta manma boku wa iro o erandeku
zutto zutto nakunatte natte

sotto tooku kieta namida no naka ni
itsuka no ano keshiki o mitakute

bokura no kotae kinou mo toonoite
wandaa noizu ubatte naite datte
chigau kirai da mou
zenbu uso datte wakatte yo
aa doushiyou mo nai kigou no mae de
bouzen nee matteta tte nande
itai itakute mou arukenai
boku o

gaitouzoi ima shizunde yuku
machi no shoukei tada mioroshita bokura wa
sotto sotto katamuite shimatte ite

kaerou ka tte nakiyandeta kimi ga iu
kaketa uta ga kuchi ni komotteku
sou sa zutto kakushite ita mama da

akaku somerareta sora kokoro wa shimekitta kke?
nan datte ii ya kimi ga kiechatta tte

kirai nee nande utatten no?
haifai gaaru satte naiteta tte
itai itai yo nee
konna uta nante minai deshou
sou sa kurai kotae o shitte baibai
nan datte kitai shichatte datte
utau kotae ni mou sawarenai
kimi wa


kogareta omoi akaku somatte iku
yuugure noizu utatte naiteta tte
kirai kirai da mou zenbu uso datte wakatte yo
nande sugaru kodou o shitteta tte
zutto kikenakatta koe de baibai
warau ano hi no kimi ga zutto zutto
boku wa

bokura no kotae kotae ga toonoite
wandaa noizu ubatte naite

chigau kotae wa nai
zutto suki datte wakatte yo
sou sa tooi akaku somatta yuu ni
nan datte utatteta nda baibai
nee wakatteta tte boku wa
kimi o zutto

jaa ne


We followed the streetlights, saying “see ya!”
You were crying. I just wanted to smile
but without a sound, I choked up with tears.

Even while looking at that transparent blue
I will choose my colours
and they’ll keep disappearing, keep fading away.

I want to see the sights I saw back then,
which had quietly faded into the distance while I cried.

Our answer gets further from yesterday.
I’ll steal the wonder noise and cry
since this is wrong. I hate this.
Just know that it’s all a lie.
Ah, I’m left dumbfounded in front of these symbols.
They make no sense. Hey, why did you wait?
It hurts so much I can’t walk.
Won’t you—

We followed the streetlights, and now the sun is setting.
We looked down upon the city, longing for it.
Silently, the sun sinks below the horizon.

“Shall we head back?” You ask, having stopped crying.
The song’s last words remain unspoken.
Yeah, I’ve kept them hidden for so long.

The sky was coloured red. Hm, is my heart closed off?
I don’t care if you disappear.

“Forget me.”
I hate it. Hey, why are you singing?
Hi-fi girl. Though I went away and cried
it hurts. It hurts. Hey!
You don’t see this sort of song very often.
Yeah, I know that gloomy response all too well. Bye.
I expect something from it
so I sing, though I won’t hear an answer again.
As for you…


I yearned for you, and my feelings redden.
I hear the evening noise, and though I sang and cried
I hate it, I hate it. Just know that it’s all a lie.
Why do I cling to you, though I feel my heart racing?
You said bye in a tone I’d never heard before.
Back then, you smiled and that’s how you’ll stay.
As for me…

Our answer—the answer—gets further away.
I steal the wonder noise and cry.

That’s wrong, there’s no answer.
Know that I’ll love you forever.
Yes, in the distant red evening
I could sing anything. Bye.
Yeah, I understood it all.
I’ll love you forever…

See ya!



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