drop the wave

drop the wave Vocals: Hanatan (花たん)Lyrics: Linjin (隣人)Arranged by: Linjin (隣人)Album: DiGiWi PARTY [デジウィ PARTY] 【Official Site】Circle: DiGiTAL WiNGEvent: C92Original Theme: Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall [フォールオブフォール ~ 秋めく滝] Requested by: iPhoenix 靜かに揺れる水面に映る 色 光奪いたくて手を伸ばしては 揺れて 消える shizuka ni yureru minamo ni utsuru iro hikariubaitakute te o nobashite wa yurete kieru Light and colours are reflected in the… Continue reading drop the wave

恋ノ蟲 || Lovebugs

恋ノ蟲koi no mushiLovebugs Vocals: 花たん (Hanatan)Lyrics: peЯoco.Arranged by: enaAlbum: デジウィ LEGEND (DigiWi LEGEND) 【Official Site】Circle: DiGiTAL WiNGEvent: Reitaisai 11 [RTS11]Original Theme: Sakura, Sakura ~ Japanize Dream[さくらさくら ~ Japanize Dream…] Requested by: miya 舞い落ちた誰かの身体明日の朝消えてしまうの mai ochita dareka no karadaasu no asa kiete shimau no Someone’s body fluttered down.Tomorrow morning, it will vanish. 「いつだってそばにいるから」忘れないわ 貴方のことを “itsu datte soba ni iru kara”wasurenai… Continue reading 恋ノ蟲 || Lovebugs


CRAZY YOU Vocals: Ranko (ランコ) Lyrics: peЯoco. Arranged by: DJ Command Album: RAVER’S NEST 5 TOHO RAVE PARTY 【Official Site】 Circle: DiGiTAL WiNG Event: C89 Original Theme: The Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner [星条旗のピエロ] Requested by: Jousuke We’ve got a couple of references to historical figures here. Some, like Christopher Columbus and Abraham Lincoln, are easy to… Continue reading CRAZY YOU


HEARTSTRINGS Vocals: Hanatan (花たん) Lyrics: Linjin (隣人) Arranged by: Linjin (隣人) Album: DiGiWi CONTEND [デジウィ CONTEND] 【Official Site】 Circle: DiGiTAL WiNG Event: Reitaisai 13 [RTS13] Original Theme: Flowering Night [フラワリングナイト] Requested by: Kitty This song seems to be about two people trying to change, or people trying to change after being abandoned by others… _… Continue reading HEARTSTRINGS

Little Traveler

Little Traveler Vocals: Hanatan (花たん)Lyrics: kaito (海兎)Arranged by: katsuAlbum: Frozen Traveler [Official Site]Circle: DiGiTAL WiNGEvent: C83Original Theme: Desire Drive [デザイアドライブ] Requested by: Gachi This tells quite a touching story. There were a few discrepancies between lyrics sources, so like usual, please let me know if anything’s written down incorrectly! 日本語 ラーラララララー… 部屋の中 膝を抱えてひとりぼっち慣れきってた もう構わないでよ知ってると事も無げに君は笑って私の手を取り連れ出したの 踏みこまれるのが怖くて意地を張って傷付けてた本当は寂しいくせに ずっとずっと君が隣にいたから私らしくいれたこんなに切なくて 君の全て心埋めてゆく もっともっと私素直になれたら言えた?I… Continue reading Little Traveler

Who loves your world

Who loves your world Vocals: Hanatan (花たん) Lyrics: Linjin (隣人) Arranged by: Linjin (隣人) Album: DiGiWi MiRACLE [デジウィ MiRACLE] 【Official Site】 Circle: DiGiTAL WiNG Event: C89 Original Theme: The Gensokyo the Gods Loved [神々が恋した幻想郷] Requested by: Runixzan The parts in red weren’t written in the booklet. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _… Continue reading Who loves your world

パチュリコ || Little Patchouli

パチュリコ Pachuriko Little Patchouli Vocals: Momobako (桃箱) Lyrics: kaito (海兎) Arranged by: katsu Album: Angel Time Circle: DiGiTAL WiNG Event: Reitaisai 9 (RTS9) Original Theme: Locked Girl ~ The Girl’s Secret Room [ラクトガール ~ 少女密室] Requested by: Eiki The title this time is a portmanteau of Patchouli’s name (パチュリー) and the word for child (コ).… Continue reading パチュリコ || Little Patchouli