Vocals: 提娘 (Ti Niang)
Lyrics: lolihunter2
Arranged by: hanachan
Album: Dreamfall
Circle: 赤音羽 (Akanebane)
Event: C96
Original theme: Starry Sky of Small Desires [小さな欲望の星空]


Dreamfall Vocals: HimawariLyrics: 鬼千鶴Arranged by: hanachanAlbum: DreamfallCircle: Akanebane (赤音羽)Event: C96Original Theme: Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Ancients[二色蓮花蝶 ~ Ancients] Requested by: Johanes 冷たい空気漂う部屋に一人の憂鬱 tsumetai kuukitadayou heya nihitori no yuutsu In a roomcloaked in cold air,I feel melancholy alone. 過去を示す歌と見飽きた影色わがままに混ぜて嘲笑う kako o shimesu uta tomiakita keshikiwagamama ni mazeteazawarau A song depicting the pastand a landscape I’m tired of—I… Continue reading Dreamfall

Somnium foeti || Foetal dream

Somnium foetiFoetal dream Vocals: HimawariLyrics: lolihunter2Arranged by: hanachanAlbum: DreamfallCircle: Akanebane (赤音羽)Event: C96Original Theme: Last Remote [ラストリモート] Requested by: mr.deagle This track uses the common trope of replacing Koishi’s name with the actual word 小石 (koishi – pebble). In this case, the kanji version is interpreted as ‘pebble’, and the hiragana version is interpreted as Koishi’s… Continue reading Somnium foeti || Foetal dream