Album art.

Somnium foeti || Foetal dream

Album art.

Somnium foeti
Foetal dream

Vocals: Himawari
Lyrics: lolihunter2
Arranged by: hanachan
Album: Dreamfall
Circle: 赤音羽 (Akanebane)
Event: C96
Original theme: Last Remote [ラストリモート]

Requested by: mr.deagle

This track uses the common trope of replacing Koishi’s name with the actual word 小石 (koishi, pebble). In this case, the kanji version is interpreted as ‘pebble’, and the hiragana version is interpreted as Koishi’s name.

The words used for fire are also seasonal words representing winter, particularly 埋み火 (uzumibi, banked-up fire).


恋 焦がれては
灰に 成り果てる
ならば 埋み火が
燃える のも また 一興か

浮世中で 生きとし生ける者全てが
知らずに 何かを追い 求めてく
其の名は愛 あるいは恋と呼ぶ
閉じろ 目よ

さあ いざ原初の海へ

無心 無想 無我 無限

ゼロとゼロ 重なれば

こいし もがき

いっそ消そうか 末那識

今 倒れ込もう
ゆらり イドの波
揺れる 心象の船
小石も 波紋を 広げる

咲かせ ひっそり眠る海百合
命の 螺旋に ありし 胎児の夢

歩く ただ

無意 無為 無畏 至貴

閉じた 恋の瞳は
埋み火 が如きに
息を 潜め

余燼 から もう一度
煌々 燃え盛る
その 日を待つ


koi kogarete wa
hai ni nari hateru
naraba uzumibi ga
yojin kara
moeru no mo mata ikkyou ka

ukiyo naka de iki to shi ikeru mono subete ga
shirazu ni nanika o oi motometeku
sono na wa ai arui wa koi to yobu
towa no yume
tojiro me yo

saa iza genshi no umi e

mushin musou muga mugen

zero to zero kasanareba
tsunagaru uroborosu

koishi mogaki

isso kesou ka minashiki
honnou ni shitagai

ima taorekomou
yurari ido no nami
yureru shinshou no fune
koishi mo hamon o hirogeru

sakase hissori nemuru umiyuri
kizami tamae
inochi no rasen ni arishi taiji no yume

samayou koto
hitotsu mo ari wa shinai
jibun no michi o
aruku tada

mui mui muishiki

tojita koi no hitomi wa
uzumibi ga gotoki ni
iki o hisome

yojin kara mou ichido
koukou moesakaru
sono hi o matsu
utakata no hi yo


I yearn for you
and am reduced to ashes.
In that case, my banked-up fire
is the embers
so I guess burning is just another fun thing to do.

In this fleeting life, all those who live
pursue something without realising it.
It’s attachment. Some people call it love.
In this eternal dream
I’ll close my eyes.

Come now, to the primordial sea…

Innocent, with a blank mind, without self, and without limits…

When you combine two zeroes
they form an uroboros ∞.

Koishi flounders.

I guess I’d rather erase my manas-vijnana. (1)
Following my instincts,
I head
for Oceanus. (2)

Now, I’ll slowly collapse
into the sea of id.
Into it, I threw a boat
formed from a wavering mental image.
The pebble spreads ripples, too.

Make the silently sleeping sea lilies bloom.
the embryo’s past dream in life’s helix.

I just wander
down my own paths.
A single one
does not exist.

Unintentional, inactive, unconscious… (3)

Love’s eye, which I closed,
is like a banked-up fire.
Breath lies dormant.

From a smouldering fire,
it will blaze brightly once again.
I await that day.
O transient sun!

Translator’s notes

(1) Manas-vijnana (末那識, manashiki) is a Sanskrit term referring to a form of consciousness that gives us our perception of self.

(2) Oceanus, or Ōkeanos, is a Greek sea god.

(3) The last 4 kanji (無畏 至貴) have no meaning together, but form the word 無意識 (muishiki – unconscious) when sung.



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  1. mr.deagle Avatar

    Just noticed that the Dreamfall label is missing on this post.

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    1. Releska Avatar

      I’ve gone through and updated it, it should be all good now (^_^)

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