Vocals: 提娘 (Ti Niang)
Lyrics: lolihunter2
Arranged by: hanachan
Album: Dreamfall
Circle: Akanebane (赤音羽)
Event: C96
Original Theme: Starry Sky of Small Desires [小さな欲望の星空]

Requested by: mr.deagle

常世に 生まれし 者
煩悩から 逃れぬ
其は 聖賢なれど
欲を 絶つこと 叶わず

tokoyo ni umareshi mono
bonnou kara nogarenu
so wa seiken naredo
yoku o tstsu koto kanawazu

Those born to eternity
do not escape the desires of the flesh.
Though they may be saints and sages
they will not sever desire from themselves.

微睡み 千年余り
目開けて 見てみれば
十人十色 十の欲

oto mo todokanu chisoko
madoromi sen’nen amari
me akete mite mireba
juunin toiro to no negai

In the bowels of the earth, where no sounds reach,
I had been dozing for just over 1000 years.
When I opened my eyes and had a look
I saw ten desires for ten minds of ten people.

その欲 にも

shikaraba futatabi
chijou ni shoutoku no
hikari o ateneba
sono nozomi ni mo

If so, then when the light
of imperial virtue
strikes the surface
it will even illuminate those desires.

夜道 照らし出す

kotaeneba naru mai
amata ikusen no
hoshiboshi ga gotoku
yomichi terashi dasu

They ought to be answered.
Like thousands
of stars
they illuminate the street at night.

大いなる 和のもと にて
生を受ける 命は
その和らぎ 以って

ooi naru wa no moto ni te
sei o ukeru inochi wa
sono yawaragi motte

Those who receive life
by grand harmony
will, by means of that harmony

真の 尊さ 見出せる

shin no toutosa midaseru

discover that which is truly precious.

仁 国家 睦びし
義 悪事を 拒め
礼 全うせ 仁義両全
智 世の常道を 貫け

jin kokka mutsubishi
gi akuji o kobame
rei mattou sejingi ryouzen
chi yo no joudou o tsuranuke

Humanity—the nation is harmonious.
Justice rejects crime.
Gratitude is proper. Humanity and justice are mutually advantageous.
Wisdom will pierce through the common path.

伝説 とし
存在さえも 奪う
斯様 なる 国にも そう
十と 七の 慈悲を

ware o wasure
densetsu to shi
sonzai sae mo ubau
kayou naru kuni ni mo sou
tou to nana no jihi o

Forget yourself
and become a legend.
Even your existence will be stolen.
Thus, this nation, too
will receive the ten and seven benevolences.



真っ直ぐ歩め 行け

kimi wa kimi tarite
shi mo shi tari
chouwa e no michi o
massugu ayume ike

The prince must behave as a prince.
The retainer must behave as a retainer.
The path.
Walk straight down
the path to harmony. Go!



理 天道を いざ仰げ

murasaki no kanmuri
kore o sae koeshi
hi no izuru kuni no
ri ware o iza aoge

A violet cape.
I will surpass even myself.
This is the principle of the Land of the Rising Sun.
Now, look up at the sun on its celestial path!

(1) This line is an extended version of the proverb 十人十色, which refers to different people having different ideas about things.
(2) 聖徳 (shoutoku) could also be left untranslated and seen as a reference to Prince Shoutoku.
(3) This is based on the confucian saying 君君たり臣臣たり and uses a less common interpretation of 君 (kimi). For a sample English translation, see this blog entry.

拝啓、100年後の私に。 || Dear Me, 100 Years from Now.

haikei, 100 nen-go no watashi ni.
Dear Me, 100 Years from Now.

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: An
Arranged by: kaztora, かめ (Kame)
Album: Compilation CD-BOOK Touhou Manyoushuu (東方万葉集) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Published by: Melonbooks
Event: C96
Original Theme: Child of Are [阿礼の子供]


Requested by: Koog

The crescent moon rises. In the dead of night, I take up my pen
I write up a fragment of illusions.
I took a peep from my small window and it was snowing.
The voices of loudly leaping fairies were echoing.

Planning another round of mischief
with wings rustling, racing through the garden and laughing—
My distant memories surfaced.

I remember your unfamiliar smile
like a deepening shadow.
My past, present and future selves stare at it.

Dawn breaks and I wake at noon.
The troublesome shades are not in the garden. There are signs of rain, melting the snow.
I embarked, paying no heed to the rain.
My heart’s flower began to bud.

When I rushed over, it was so suddenly.
When I hugged you, it was so tightly.
My frozen palms bear a tinge of warmth.

Petite fingers and an overlapping shadow—
“What happened?” you look at me.
The warmth I feel will someday become a mere record.

I’ll remember your usual smile
no matter how many seasons pass.
I will hold my expanding memories close and head for tomorrow.
I’ll keep noting them down in my album for the future.
We’ll be together even 100 years from now.
I’ll be able to find “my” heart every time.
I pass a treasure to the next “me.”



Vocals: Himawari
Lyrics: 鬼千鶴
Arranged by: hanachan
Album: Dreamfall
Circle: Akanebane (赤音羽)
Event: C96
Original Theme: Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Ancients[二色蓮花蝶 ~ Ancients]

Requested by: Johanes


tsumetai kuuki
tadayou heya ni
hitori no yuutsu

In a room
cloaked in cold air,
I feel melancholy alone.


kako o shimesu uta to
miakita keshiki
wagamama ni mazete

A song depicting the past
and a landscape I’m tired of—
I mix them together wilfully
and sneer.

何のために 佇むの
その 喜び 悲しみ 苦しみ
すべて 受け入れる覚悟を持って
ただ 知りたいだけ ただ

nan no tame ni tatazumu no
sono yorokobi kanashimi kurushimi
subete ukeireru kakugo o motte
tada shiritai dake tada

Why do I stand here?
I have the resolve to accept everything,
all that joy, sorrow, and suffering.
I just want to know. That’s all.


aoi kiseki de
dekita farufaara
zetsubou o yadotta

In a farfalla (1)
made from blue gems,
despair dwelled.


yakusoku no kotoba ga
kemuri no you ni
yami ni suikomare
kiete yuku

The promised words
are like smoke.
Swallowed into the darkness,
they begin to vanish.

一瞬だけ 一秒でも
お願い この呪文で縛らないで
手を伸ばしたまま 夜空へと

isshun dake ichibyou demo
ima sugu kimi to deaitai kara
onegai kono jumon de shibaranaide
te o nobashita mama yozora e to

For just a moment, even for a second,
I want to see you right away
so please, don’t tie me down with this spell.
Keeping my hands outstretched, I head to the night sky.

震えるこの指先 もう一度

furueru kono yubisaki mou ichido
furete mitai

My fingertips are trembling. Once more,
I want to try and touch you.

届けない 声 まだ 届けられない

kono itetsuita hasu to
kizutsuketa hane o
todokenai koe mada todokerarenai

I won’t deliver
this frozen lotus
and wounded feather. I can’t send my voice to you still.

そう 記憶に残っていたその
温もり 温もり

sou kioku ni nokotte ita sono
nukumori nukumori
kekkai made oitsuketeku

Yes—in my memories remained
your warmth. Your warmth.
I’m going to draw level with the barrier.

夢 覚めないで 覚めぬように
ねぇ 君が信じない君を

yume samenaide samenu you ni
ima sugu kimi to deaitai kara onegai
nee kimi ga shinjinai kimi o
shinjite ii ka?
ii deshou?!

Don’t wake me from this dream. So I’ll stay dreaming,
I want to see you right away so please—
is it okay for me to believe in a version of yourself
you don’t believe?
It’s fine, isn’t it?!


nando mo kono yume o sukuidasu

I will rescue this dream time and time again.

(1) ファルファーラ (farufaara) likely refers to the Italian word for butterfly.
(2) 希望 (kibou – hope) is written, but 絶望 (zetsubou – despair) is sung.

Somnium foeti || Foetal dream

Somnium foeti
Foetal dream

Vocals: Himawari
Lyrics: lolihunter2
Arranged by: hanachan
Album: Dreamfall
Circle: Akanebane (赤音羽)
Event: C96
Original Theme: Last Remote [ラストリモート]

Requested by: mr.deagle

This track uses the common trope of replacing Koishi’s name with the actual word 小石 (koishi – pebble). In this case, the kanji version is interpreted as ‘pebble’, and the hiragana version is interpreted as Koishi’s name.

The words used for fire are also seasonal words representing winter, particularly 埋み火 (uzumibi – banked-up fire).

恋 焦がれては
灰に 成り果てる
ならば 埋み火が
燃える のも また 一興か

koi kogarete wa
hai ni nari hateru
naraba uzumibi ga
yojin kara
moeru no mo mata ikkyou ka

I yearn for you
and am reduced to ashes.
In that case, my banked-up fire
is the embers
so I guess burning is just another fun thing to do.

浮世中で 生きとし生ける者全てが
知らずに 何かを追い 求めてく
其の名は愛 あるいは恋と呼ぶ
閉じろ 目よ

ukiyo naka de iki to shi ikeru mono subete ga
shirazu ni nanika o oi motometeku
sono na wa ai arui wa koi to yobu
towa no yume
tojiro me yo

In this fleeting life, all those who live
pursue something without realising it.
It’s attachment. Some people call it love.
In this eternal dream
I’ll close my eyes.

さあ いざ原初の海へ

saa iza genshi no umi e

Come now, to the primordial sea…

無心 無想 無我 無限

mushin musou muga mugen

Innocent, with a blank mind, without self, and without limits…

ゼロとゼロ 重なれば

zero to zero kasanareba
tsunagaru uroborosu

When you combine two zeroes
they form an uroboros ∞.

こいし もがき

koishi mogaki

Koishi flounders.

いっそ消そうか 末那識

isso kesou ka minashiki
honnou ni shitagai

I guess I’d rather erase my manas-vijnana. (1)
Following my instincts,
I head
for Oceanus.

今 倒れ込もう
ゆらり イドの波
揺れる 心象の船
小石も 波紋を 広げる

ima taorekomou
yurari ido no nami
yureru shinshou no fune
koishi mo hamon o hirogeru

Now, I’ll slowly collapse
into the sea of id.
Into it, I threw a boat
formed from a wavering mental image.
The pebble spreads ripples, too.

咲かせ ひっそり眠る海百合
命の 螺旋に ありし 胎児の夢

sakase hissori nemuru umiyuri
kizami tamae
inochi no rasen ni arishi taiji no yume

Make the silently sleeping sea lilies bloom.
the embryo’s past dream in life’s helix.

歩く ただ

samayou koto
hitotsu mo ari wa shinai
jibun no michi o
aruku tada

I just wander
down my own paths.
A single one
does not exist.

無意 無為 無畏 至貴

mui mui muishiki

Unintentional, inactive, unconscious… (3)

閉じた 恋の瞳は
埋み火 が如きに
息を 潜め

tojita koi no hitomi wa
uzumibi ga gotoki ni
iki o hisome

Love’s eye, which I closed,
is like a banked-up fire.
Breath lies dormant.

余燼 から もう一度
煌々 燃え盛る
その 日を待つ

yojin kara mou ichido
koukou moesakaru
sono hi o matsu
utakata no hi yo

From a smouldering fire,
It will blaze brightly once again.
I await that day.
O transient sun!

(1) Manas-vijnana (末那識 – manashiki) is a Sanskrit term referring to a form of consciousness that gives us our perception of self.
(2) Oceanus, or Ōkeanos, is a Greek sea god.
(3) The last 4 kanji (無畏 至貴) have no meaning together, but form the word 無意識 (muishiki – unconscious) when sung.