Album art.
Album art.


Vocals: 提娘 (Ti Niang)
Lyrics: lolihunter2
Arranged by: hanachan
Album: Dreamfall
Circle: 赤音羽 (Akanebane)
Event: C96
Original theme: Starry Sky of Small Desires [小さな欲望の星空]

Requested by: mr.deagle


常世に 生まれし 者
煩悩から 逃れぬ
其は 聖賢なれど
欲を 絶つこと 叶わず

微睡み 千年余り
目開けて 見てみれば
十人十色 十の欲

その欲 にも

夜道 照らし出す

大いなる 和のもと にて
生を受ける 命は
その和らぎ 以って

真の 尊さ 見出せる

仁 国家 睦びし
義 悪事を 拒め
礼 全うせ 仁義両全
智 世の常道を 貫け

伝説 とし
存在さえも 奪う
斯様 なる 国にも そう
十と 七の 慈悲を



真っ直ぐ歩め 行け



理 天道を いざ仰げ


tokoyo ni umareshi mono
bonnou kara nogarenu
so wa seiken naredo
yoku o tstsu koto kanawazu

oto mo todokanu chisoko
madoromi sen’nen amari
me akete mite mireba
juunin toiro to no negai

shikaraba futatabi
chijou ni shoutoku no
hikari o ateneba
sono nozomi ni mo

kotaeneba naru mai
amata ikusen no
hoshiboshi ga gotoku
yomichi terashi dasu

ooi naru wa no moto ni te
sei o ukeru inochi wa
sono yawaragi motte

shin no toutosa midaseru

jin kokka mutsubishi
gi akuji o kobame
rei mattou sejingi ryouzen
chi yo no joudou o tsuranuke

ware o wasure
densetsu to shi
sonzai sae mo ubau
kayou naru kuni ni mo sou
tou to nana no jihi o

kimi wa kimi tarite
shi mo shi tari
chouwa e no michi o
massugu ayume ike

murasaki no kanmuri
kore o sae koeshi
hi no izuru kuni no
ri ware o iza aoge


Those born to eternity
do not escape the desires of the flesh.
Though they may be saints and sages
they will not sever desire from themselves.

In the bowels of the earth, where no sounds reach,
I had been dozing for just over 1000 years.
When I opened my eyes and had a look
I saw ten desires for ten minds of ten people. (1)

If so, then when the light
of imperial virtue (2)
strikes the surface
it will even illuminate those desires.

They ought to be answered.
Like thousands
of stars
they illuminate the street at night.

Those who receive life
by grand harmony
will, by means of that harmony

discover that which is truly precious.

Humanity—the nation is harmonious.
Justice rejects crime.
Gratitude is proper. Humanity and justice are mutually advantageous.
Wisdom will pierce through the common path.

Forget yourself
and become a legend.
Even your existence will be stolen.
Thus, this nation, too
will receive the ten and seven benevolences.

The prince must behave as a prince. (3)
The retainer must behave as a retainer.
The path.
Walk straight down
the path to harmony. Go!

A violet cape.
I will surpass even myself.
This is the principle of the Land of the Rising Sun.
Now, look up at the sun on its celestial path!

Translator’s notes

(1) This line is an extended version of the proverb 十人十色, which refers to different people having different ideas about things.

(2) 聖徳 (shoutoku) could also be left untranslated and seen as a reference to Prince Shoutoku.

(3) This is based on the confucian saying 君君たり臣臣たり and uses a less common interpretation of 君 (kimi). For a sample English translation, see this blog entry.

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