ARK~招かざる足音~ || ARK ~Uninvited Footsteps~

ARK~招かざる足音~ ARK ~manekazaru ashioto~ ARK ~Uninvited Footsteps~ Vocals: Yuka Kouduki (香月ゆか) Lyrics: Aruna Ryuki (琉姫アルナ) and Sara Sara (桜楽サラ) Composed by: Aruna Ryuki (琉姫アルナ) Album: ALV-04 【Official Site】 Circle: ALVINE Event: M3-2017 Spring Requested by: Meriole Check out the circle’s Melonbooks DL page here! I get a kind of post-apocalyptic/dystopian feel from this track. It’s like the speaker is… Continue reading ARK~招かざる足音~ || ARK ~Uninvited Footsteps~