Whiches Night

Whiches Night

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Shinso Diver (シンソウダイバー) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C90
Original Theme: The Witches’ Ball ~ Magus [魔女達の舞踏会 ~ Magus]

Requested by: Marisa Nya
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At an old mansion in the deep woods
someone’s voice can be heard again today.
Laughter circles round the simmering pot.
Whose laughter might it be?
“Witches night, cursed, cast a spell.”
The moon is full tonight
so even karma is jumping around. Look!
Were you having a crazy nightmare?
Now’s when the fun dreams will start.
Add roast lizards
and bat wings,
and once you spill a small drop of sin…
Come on, it’s time to sleep!
This is the magic word: birla!

A comet streams through the sky
bringing calamity with it.
The crowd succumbs to fear
and they lose their minds.
“Witches night, cursed, cast a spell.”
The parade of black cats continues.
It’s an ominous, delightful night.
Were you having a crazy nightmare?
Well, that might just be reality.
The sweet, sweet cake “A sacred indulgence. Hah…”
lets off a sweet smell.
Now, the door is opening. “Let’s dance at the carnival!”

Tonight is the witches’ night.
Someone’s lost their way again.
Who’s gonna be the hunter?
We’ll quickly, quickly continue this endless dream for you. “Darkness night.”

A figure, crucified.
Velvet satin.
Now, now, now, the curtain rises!
Come on, throw the kindling on the fire.
The butterflies soar high.
Oh, how pretty they are!

Ah… a red raspberry
illuminates everything.
Longing for that figure, I will dance in the sky in due course.
Tonight is a masquerade. “Witches night, la la la…”
The knife, jumping at shadows, shines. “Scapegoat, la la la…”
The wolf and the witch trial. “Who is la la la…”
Never, never,
the banquet of endless dreams will never end. “What a cursed witches night.”
We’ll treat you to it forever and ever and ever.
The witches’ song echoes.

アナザーエゴ || Another Ego

anazaa ego
Another Ego

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Shinso Diver (シンソウダイバー) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C90
Original Theme: Hartmann’s Youkai Girl [ハルトマンの妖怪少女]

Requested by: shidiand


Most lyricists go through a phase where they refer to Koishi as a pebble (小石 – koishi). Azuki is no exception, but this song’s lyrics are so moving!

It feels a little odd when all the translation notes boil down to ‘this word sounds like this character’s name’, though…

I spent my days reliving the past
and I called it my daily life.
Even if a single pebble went missing, nothing would change. (1)

That’s not to say I was conscious—
The innocent world showed me a dream:
A mountain of countless pebbles and me, alone.

With a mischievous voice, I stuck out my tongue and told malicious lies.
I passed the time mischievously
and my cowardly voice burst out.

Even in this world, where everyone will disappear,
My heart became unstable.
I want someone, anyone from this world
to be conscious of my unconsciousness. Please, please!

This world seems endless
but it, too, is limited to the distance my hands can reach. So look—
The pebble, thrown far away, can no longer be seen.

I’m not free because I’m alone.
I’m just lonely.
Though I’m all alone in this world
I continue to live.

In this ruined world, too,
Mysterious days remained in my memories.
Using the threads that tied me to people
I passed a needle through my own eye,
All alone.

At the edge of this world, void of people,
I was frightened of myself.
The dear, dear rain falls. It wets my cheeks. (2)

I don’t want to be all alone.
I just hate being by myself.
I was sewn up by consciousness and comprehension. (3)
Now, I want to unstitch my eye’s threads.

The sky of love coloured everything (4)
and a dignified sound resounded when the object was struck. (5)
I didn’t comprehend that I loved them.
Everything was loved while I was unconscious.

Now I am alone, all alone.
Each and every person has vanished from this world
and there, only I see myself.

(1) Pebble (小石) is pronounced ‘Koishi’.
(2) Dear (恋し) is pronounced ‘Koishi’.
(3) Comprehension (悟り) is pronounced ‘Satori’.
(4) Sky (空) is written using the same character used to write Utsuho’s name (空).
(5) Dignified (凛) is pronounced ‘Rin’.

友達の境界 || The Boundary Between Friends

tomodachi no kyoukai
The Boundary Between Friends

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: lily-an
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Shinso Diver (シンソウダイバー) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C90
Original Theme: Welcome to the Moon Tour [月面ツアーへようこそ]

Requested by: Eldrin


We’re walking at midnight. Look, the moon’s smiling at us!
The hands on my watch stopped. Are they avoiding 12 am?

Lightly (If you whisper with a mischievous voice…)
Leaping about. (Is is a sweet trap?)

Hey, why are you walking together with me, looking at the stars?
Am I just looking at you from a bit behind?

Sometimes, you look back at me.
Your shining eyes
Dissolve my worries and discontent, just like a cube of sugar.

Perhaps the words of my pounding heart are a secret.
It’s my first secret, so I’ll remember it forever.

Calmly and naturally, we hold hands and walk along the hill road.
The boundary between friends is invisible, so I suppose we can’t overstep it…

I don’t know if I should put my feelings for you into words.
But, daringly, I turn them into wordless signals.
I draw a heart. Is it wrong?

Perhaps my throbbing heart’s coordinates are a secret.
It’s my first secret, so I can’t tell anyone about it.

If I trace the pin of the music box in my head and speak,
I wonder if I can dance ‘till dawn during this moonlit, starry night.

Perhaps my pounding heartbeat is a secret.
Can I look at you and say I love you? I don’t have the courage.

My heart throbs painfully. Perhaps my feelings are unrequited…
Please, God, tell me—am I allowed to love them?

こどものせかい || The Children’s World

kodomo no sekai
The Children’s World

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Shinso Diver (シンソウダイバー) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C90
Original Theme: U.N. Owen Was Her? [U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?]

Requested by: Eldrin


I really like the structure of this song. It builds up a story, and then reveals some new information towards the end that changes how you think about the whole thing.

This miniature garden of toys
Was my world.
It was my treasure,
Something so, so precious that I received long ago.
The light of this splendid land encircled me.
It’s a bit too big for just one person to play in, though…

After growing bored
Of playing with dolls and my rocking horse…
“Let’s play together!”
I feel like that was the first time someone called my name.

Let’s waltz together beneath a rainbow of shining stars.
The music box plays, and when I light the candles on the cake,
Its pale light will extend even into the dark, dark basement.
“Who are you?” I should greet you…

The miniature garden of toys
Was our world.
As long as I was with you,
I wasn’t alone.

I opened my book of scribbles
And you and I were drawn in there
With crooked lines.
We were reserved, yet splendid princesses.

Toys and a rainbow of stars. Let’s all waltz together!
A fanfare sounds for the soldiers’ parade.
Let’s throw all our heavy baggage away and go to the children’s world!
“We’ll be together forever! Don’t disappear…”

I was still so lonely
And I spent my days fearing something.
I had even lost sight
Of what I always wanted.
Come to think of it, I was scared.
I was scared of losing you.
I always, always, always
Stretched my arm out toward you.

The sepia-coloured nursery
Was blanketed with toys.
You laughed by my side.
You must have
Been completely broken…

I’m in a sooty, red room. The whole time, I knew:
You’re me—a mad version of me.
Farewell. Now, it’s time
For me to walk alone.
I’m going to sleep.
I am irreplaceable, precious.
I am so important to me.

A miniature garden of toys—
This small room.
Now, it’s time for me to leave.
I gently locked the door.

past lover

Shinsoupast lover

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Shinso Diver (シンソウダイバー) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C90
Original Theme: Dullahan Under the Willows [柳の下のデュラハン]

Requested by: Kaii Schwartz


Azuki always writes the best lyrics. Based on how I translated this song, it seems that the speaker is trying to talk to their future self to find hope to make it through some tough times. In the end, the main message of the song is that, though the present may seem dark, there’s always the possibility of a brighter tomorrow. I think that’s a really positive message! The parts in (brackets) are occasionally related to the sentences they appear in, and occasionally aren’t.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Yes—you are you, and I am me.
I lived up until now by keeping my distance.
I put up a courageous, but doomed fight beneath the willows
And all I could do was pretend.
I wonder what my future self can see?
Where did my guiding light go?
Only shadows stretch out behind me.

Dear future self: what’s the future like?
I’m alone, and I don’t know where I’m going. I’m stuck.
Days that stay the same are so precious, (Though they’re foolish.)
But isn’t everyone only waiting (Including me)
With their heads stuck out for the arrival (the arrival)
Of change?

Up or down? Though they made my vision swim (Swimming around)
That contrary étranger just got in my way in my way. (A traveller)
I was secretly manipulated. I couldn’t take my eyes from them.
I ventured out, I got used to it, we met, we parted… Hah.
After all, nobody can live alone, can they?

Yes—you are you, and I am me.
I lived without mixing myself up in the world.
The morning star shines. So too does the mist
Though a red, red dawn descends.
Nothing will reach my future self.
Please, I just want them to tell me
Where I can find the meaning of this world.

Dear future self, or something like that (The past and the future…)
It’s that time now, too, right? (That’s not what I want)
I took out that lonely sign (I raised it high)
And I began to walk.

I just want to know. Though you let me peek at your face (Peek, hah.)
It made that thought channel, which gets in my way (Go wild.)
I was manipulated, and your voice mixed in with the static.
Saying I hate the past, present, and future—that’s nothing but an excuse.

But you are you, and I am me.
I lived up until now raising blossoms that gave no fruit.
Even if dawn breaks, bringing an end
To one fantastic night among 1000,
Nothing will reach my future self.
Please, I just want them to tell me
If there’s a place for me in this world…

Dear past self: (From the future)
The future isn’t as bad as you think. (Don’t lose your head over it.)
Even if you don’t know what’s important to you, (Surely, definitely.)
The things that seek to fill your cracked heart
Will be there forever.
Your heart will be warm. (Always, forever.) “O, light!”

Ah, I worried so much about the future
But the world was shining all along.
Now open up the door that leads to the world!
I just have to grab hold
Of that hand, stretched out without pride.
I’ll just look this way a little
And then the light will faintly illuminate my future self.
So, what’s important to me? I’ve figured it out: (Love is all.)
Throw away the scraps of pride you bear.
I love you all (My love, ah ah)
Because it’s precious, I’ll let go and leave myself behind
But because it’s precious, I won’t let go. (I won’t let go.)
Because I’m alive in this world.