Whiches Night

Whiches Night

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Shinso Diver (シンソウダイバー) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C90
Original Theme: The Witches’ Ball ~ Magus [魔女達の舞踏会 ~ Magus]

Requested by: Marisa Nya
Watch the promotional video by Kokoro Yakoh on YouTube!


At an old mansion in the deep woods
someone’s voice can be heard again today.
Laughter circles round the simmering pot.
Whose laughter might it be?
“Witches night, cursed, cast a spell.”
The moon is full tonight
so even karma is jumping around. Look!
Were you having a crazy nightmare?
Now’s when the fun dreams will start.
Add roast lizards
and bat wings,
and once you spill a small drop of sin…
Come on, it’s time to sleep!
This is the magic word: birla!

A comet streams through the sky
bringing calamity with it.
The crowd succumbs to fear
and they lose their minds.
“Witches night, cursed, cast a spell.”
The parade of black cats continues.
It’s an ominous, delightful night.
Were you having a crazy nightmare?
Well, that might just be reality.
The sweet, sweet cake “A sacred indulgence. Hah…”
lets off a sweet smell.
Now, the door is opening. “Let’s dance at the carnival!”

Tonight is the witches’ night.
Someone’s lost their way again.
Who’s gonna be the hunter?
We’ll quickly, quickly continue this endless dream for you. “Darkness night.”

A figure, crucified.
Velvet satin.
Now, now, now, the curtain rises!
Come on, throw the kindling on the fire.
The butterflies soar high.
Oh, how pretty they are!

Ah… a red raspberry
illuminates everything.
Longing for that figure, I will dance in the sky in due course.
Tonight is a masquerade. “Witches night, la la la…”
The knife, jumping at shadows, shines. “Scapegoat, la la la…”
The wolf and the witch trial. “Who is la la la…”
Never, never,
the banquet of endless dreams will never end. “What a cursed witches night.”
We’ll treat you to it forever and ever and ever.
The witches’ song echoes.

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