Whiches Night

Whiches Night Vocals: lily-anLyrics: azukiArranged by: kaztoraAlbum: Shinso Diver (シンソウダイバー) 【Official Site】Circle: Liz TriangleEvent: C90Original Theme: The Witches’ Ball ~ Magus [魔女達の舞踏会 ~ Magus] Requested by: Marisa NyaWatch the promotional video by Kokoro Yakoh on YouTube! (非公式の)英訳だけです。申し訳ありません! At an old mansion in the deep woodssomeone’s voice can be heard again today.Laughter circles round the simmering pot.Whose laughter might it be?“Witches… Continue reading Whiches Night

エバーグリーン || Evergreen

エバーグリーン ebaaguriin Evergreen Vocals: lily-anLyrics: azukiArranged by: kaztoraAlbum: TRIANGLE 【Official Site】Circle: Liz TriangleEvent: C93Original Themes: Rigid Paradise [リジットパラダイス] (非公式の)英訳だけです。申し訳ありません。 Requested by: Adam I imagine that this song is somewhat linked to Immortal Philosophy. Is it possible that it’s retelling that song from Yoshika’s perspective…? It’s greedy of me to call it natural and nothing can be done about it… Continue reading エバーグリーン || Evergreen

灰色 || Ashen

灰色 hai’iro Ashen Vocals: lily-anLyrics: kaztoraComposed by: kaztoraAlbum: COLOR 【Official Site】Circle: Liz TriangleEvent: C86 (非公式の)英訳だけです。申し訳ありません。 Requested by: Adam It’s beautiful to believe and shameful to doubt. Who decided that? Why? How? Where is the justice of popularity heading? Though I wear eye-catching skinny jeans, Things don’t go the same way. What’s right is unclear. Something’s wrong, and… Continue reading 灰色 || Ashen

アナザーエゴ || Another Ego

アナザーエゴ anazaa ego Another Ego Vocals: lily-an Lyrics: azuki Arranged by: kaztora Album: Shinso Diver (シンソウダイバー) 【Official Site】 Circle: Liz Triangle Event: C90 Original Theme: Hartmann’s Youkai Girl [ハルトマンの妖怪少女] Requested by: shidiand (非公式の)英訳だけです。申し訳ありません。 Most lyricists go through a phase where they refer to Koishi as a pebble (小石 – koishi). Azuki is no exception, but this song’s lyrics are… Continue reading アナザーエゴ || Another Ego

パラレルラビット || Parallel Rabbit

パラレルラビット parareru rabitto Parallel Rabbit Vocals: lily-an Lyrics: azuki Arranged by: kaztora Album: ether 【Official Site】 Circle: Liz Triangle Event: C89 Original Theme: The Rabbit Has Landed [兎は舞い降りた] Requested by: 桐生 遷都 (非公式の)英訳だけです。申し訳ありません。 I missed translating azuki’s lyrics. They cram so much detail into such a small space. Jackknife. A rabbit flies in the sky. Because it’s all… Continue reading パラレルラビット || Parallel Rabbit

白銀の刃 || The Silver Blade

白銀の刃 shirogane no yaiba The Silver Blade Vocals: lily-an Lyrics: lily-an Arranged by: kaztora Album: TRIANGLE 【Official Site】 Circle: Liz Triangle Event: C93 Original Themes: Green-Eyed Jealousy [緑眼のジェラシー] (非公式の)英訳だけです。申し訳ありません。 Requested by: Kurogane Renka Lily-an always writes such moving, powerful lyrics. There are some powerful images in here… Petals danced during those radiant days. I don’t want to forget this… Continue reading 白銀の刃 || The Silver Blade

星を飛び越えて || Leap Over the Stars

星を飛び越えて hoshi wo tobikoete Leap Over the Stars Vocals: lily-an Lyrics: Seiji (青時) Arranged by: kaztora Album: Secret Pavilion (ヒミツパビリオン) 【Official Site】 Circle: Liz Triangle Event: C91 Original Theme: Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy [大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy] Requested by: Spoondere (非公式の)英訳だけです。申し訳ありません。 The interesting thing about this track is that it seems to be sung from the perspective… Continue reading 星を飛び越えて || Leap Over the Stars

With Triangle

With Triangle Vocals: lily-an Lyrics: azuki Arranged by: kaztora Album: TRIANGLE 【Official Site】 Circle: Liz Triangle Event: C93 Original Themes: Too many to list here (非公式の)英訳だけです。申し訳ありません。 Requested by: Kurogane Renka There’s so much I could say about this, but I’ll let the music (and, more importantly, the lyrics) do the talking. Thank you, Liz Triangle. Your music… Continue reading With Triangle

±ハピネス || ±Happiness

±ハピネス ±hapinesu ±Happiness Vocals: lily-an Lyrics: azuki Arranged by: kaztora Album: TRATRA -Extra Track- 【Official Site】 Circle: Liz Triangle Published by: SYNC.ART’S Event: Tora Matsuri 2010 Original Theme: The Tiger-Patterned Bishamonten [虎柄の毘沙門天] Requested by: 中原ほたる I feel like there’s a lot of exclamation points in this song… but it needs them! It’s such a positive and cheerful… Continue reading ±ハピネス || ±Happiness