Album art.

With Triangle

Album art.

With Triangle

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: TRIANGLE [Official site]
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C93
Original themes: Too many to list here

Requested by: Kurogane Renka

There’s so much I could say about this, but I’ll let the music (and, more importantly, the lyrics) do the talking. Thank you, Liz Triangle. Your music has played such a big role in my life, and I will never forget you. This song, a medley of some of their greatest hits, is a fitting sendoff.

I made a conscious decision to not put in any footnotes to avoid spoiling the flow of the text, but if some references in there are too vague let me know and I’m happy to add notes in! Finally, the sections in quotation marks ” ” aren’t necessarily quotes from people speaking. Instead, they indicate sections that are surrounded by brackets 【】and 「」in the original text.

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

When we someday become adults and turn into memories,
Let’s meet again here. I’ll be waiting…

I went out walking at night because the moon was beautiful
and I unexpectedly looked back on the past:
“At everything up until now.” Look!

You, when you’re happy; you, when you’re sad…
I get nostalgic when I think back on them. You live on in my memories.

I aim to someday make the lies I told myself into reality.
I saw that future back then, so it’s too early for it to become a memory.
Even my heart, which vanished into darkness,
Loved the moonlight.
Though I could never put the tale I wove that day
into words, now is different.

If there’s something to say beneath a sky of shooting stars,
Then please hear the cry coming from my heart.
I don’t care if my desire seems tiny to others.
“Truth and lies… both are me!”
I want to keep singing my song to you forever.
“My sole, clear song.”
I want you to hear me.

I’m tempted by a beautiful voice… Come to Shangri-la!
Even tonight, “come, come!” It’s a splendid show.
The fine maiden stays up late. The young gentleman is skirting curfew.
Keep going! Come on, keep going! Riding with the sound of the flute, “la la!”
The poison apple was bitten. O broken mirror!
Hey, mirror mirror… where will we go from here?
These are the magic words.

You and I are in a cage.
Shall we let those rusty sounds ring and play the balalaika?
Everyone will disappear eventually, swallowed up by truth
in a world of night…
Shall we dance with everyone? “Let’s dance, no matter where we are!”
Coppélia is performed after being raised upon the stage.
There’s a jesting clown and the witch from that day…
“Where am I?”
This is the witches’ night…
“Were you dreaming an endless dream?”
Everyone has still lost their way.
A witch longs for the false circus.
“In the real dream I had that day…”
“Shall you and I dance together?”
Tonight’s trio won’t end!
“I am myself—a caged bird.”
The flute-playing parade marches on.
“The stage shines and glistens.”
The night is still long. They’ll go to the ends of the earth…
“Ah, this is an endless dream banquet!”
When you encounter them unawares… shall we dance?

The unsettling voice of a clown echoes at midnight.
It guides the unsatisfied straw millionaire.
Deifying. Neither the lost child or any other soul will be let through.
The thunder cries out. Lightning splits the sky with a rumble and falls…

At the mercy of insufficient words, let’s make them bloom.
The night is quiet. Hit the high hat once more!
Forgive and forget the third Buddha.
Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, how are you?
It’s too early to go home.
I was rocked by the thunder god on a gorgeous stage.

The wind exorcises the dark. It races through the sky and illuminates the heavens.
O myriad gods, gather as months and years pass!
Sickness dances. My obscurity
is stained and begun.
I don’t even need words.

Come on everyone—all together!
Let’s make the drums roar!
Youkai and make-believes confuse each other.
Someday, someday… it’s still in the future.
“The curtain hasn’t fallen yet!”
The story continues.
This uncertain feast, a three-way struggle,
Is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I take my leave.
Let’s dance. Come on, let’s dance! “Our fate continues forever”
Let’s make merry. Come on, let’s make merry! “Glory is eternal.”
Leaving only noise behind, this festival will never end.

I am in a birdcage where no sounds can reach me.
Ah… even if I’ve lost the wings I need to fly away
I will reel my memories in and spin words together
so my nostalgic song will reach someone.
Still, I kept moving forward.
Hoping that the paths we chose
will someday intersect,
I will continue to sing.

A moonlit night of falling stars; a summer night’s dream;
A wind-clad banquet; a land of snow…
Step by step, I walked through these lands.
Everyone discovered us here
in a corner of the world.

There were countless times when I became disheartened
but we’ve come this far together. Everyone changed me.

There’s no distance between us. It’s distant and close at the same time.
Through just reaching out a hand, our worlds can touch.
I kept facing forwards with all my might and walked this path.
Even if I did it all over again, I’d walk the same road.

“Over and over… I’ll make the same flowers bloom.”
I won’t be alone from now on. I’m with everyone.

Even if I disappear without exchanging
my songs and my words,
This is who I am—who I was.

Songs can always cross over everything
and pierce through boundaries,
Continuing on towards unknown tomorrows.
I walk while hesitating “My tears continue to flow”
because there aren’t any right answers “while I spin words together.”
I walk towards my favourite place.

I look back over the past during a moonlit night
and tiny flowers bloom upon the path I took.

When you remember me after you become an adult someday,
Let’s meet again!
Until that day comes, farewell…






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  3. Rinki Sorami Avatar

    Hello. Thank you for your translation.
    It is a touching song, even for me who have not heard many of the original songs.

    > Shall we let those rusty sounds ring? Balalaika!
    I think 「奏でましょうバラライカ」 cannot be seperated. I translate this line to “Shall we let those rusty sounds ring and play Balalaika!”.

    > “Where am I? Let’s dance!”
    I translate it to ‘”No matter where are we, let’s dance”‘.

    Liked by 1 person

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