Album art.

Moonlight Windia

Album art.

Moonlight Windia

Vocals: 秣本 瑳羅 (Sara)
Lyrics: 秣本 瑳羅 (Sara)
Arranged by: _yoc.
Album: Moonlight Windia
Circle: Riverside
Event: Reitaisai 7 [RTS7]
Original theme: Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind [感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind]

Requested by: Insomnia

This song centres on Byakuren, who pines for her love in a deserted wasteland (which is either real or metaphorical). She wishes on the moon for a chance to be with him again…

As a bit of a side note, the sentences are quite disjointed at certain points, which creates a sense of ambiguity. I tried to ‘unjumble’ some of the sentences, just because it’s harder to make those sorts of sentences work in English. The first stanza is a particularly notable example of this, since the last part almost feels like it belongs before the first part… As for the title, I believe that ‘Windia’ is a sort of elaboration on the word ‘Wind.’


孤独の中一人 月を捜してる
覚めない 空想を求めてた

誰の声も聞こえない 静寂の闇に
懐かしい記憶 霞んでく…

風が運ぶ 調べを
あの笑顔 追憶の君の影を重ねて
この想いを 月に捧げる

ただ傍に居たいと どんなに願っても
醒めない 悪夢が現実で
窓に映る月に 想いだけが募る

薄雲をすり抜けて 照らし出される身を
ねぇ、導いて 離さないでいて

君がくれた 約束
あの日々に 恋焦がれ叫び声が枯れても

強く握り合った手 瞳逸らさずに
抱き寄せて この永久の夜、
白き口づけを ああ もう一度


kodoku no naka hitori akari wo sagashiteru
samenai yume wo motometeta
mugen ni ayatsuri kaesu muimi na sekai nara
kowarete shimaeba ii no ni

dare no koe mo kikoenai seijaku no yami ni
natsukashii kioku kasundeku…

kaze ga hakobu shirabe wo
tokashite sakaseta
ano egao tsuioku no kimi no kage wo kasanete
kono omoi wo tsuki ni sasageru

tada soba ni itai to donna ni negattemo
samenai yume ga genjitsu de
mado ni utsuru tsuki ni omoi dake ga tsunoru
aenai taisetsu na kimi he

usugumo wo surinukete terashi dasareru mi wo
nee, michibiite hanasanaideite

kimi ga kureta yakusoku
ano hibi ni koikogare sakebigoe ga karetemo
kono omoi wo utai tsudzukeru

tsuyoku nigiriatta te hitomi sorasazu ni
dakiyosete kono eikyuu no yoru,
shiroki kuchidzuke wo aa mou ichido
tsuki ni negai wo


I am alone in this isolation. I search for the moon – for light. (1)
I wanted a fantasy – a dream I would not wake up from.
If this world is meaningless, and infinitely manipulated,
It would be good if it were to be destroyed. However…

I cannot hear any other voices here, in the darkness of silence.
My nostalgic memories slowly become hazy…

The wind carries away a melody.
It dissolves, and makes a memory bloom:
It is of that smiling face. I see the shadow of you, from my recollections, once more.
I offer this memory to the moon.

Still, I want to be close to you. But no matter how much I wish it,
This nightmare – a dream – is my reality, which I do not awaken from.
In the moon reflected in the window, only my yearning grows stronger,
Aiming towards you, my dear, who I cannot meet.

My illuminated figure slips through the thin clouds.
Hey, guide me. I don’t want to be parted from you.

I cannot forget
The promise you made me.
Even if my yearning screams wither during those days,
I will continue to sing of this memory…

In this eternal night, I shall grasp your hands tightly.
Without looking away, we will embrace,
And share a kiss of whiteness. Aah… once more,
I make my wish upon the moon.

Translator’s note

(1) The Japanese text is ‘the moon,’ but ‘light’ is sung, demonstrating a peculiarity of Japanese songs. I’ve left both words in for the sake of clarity.






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    Thank you very much for the translation!

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