Album art.

Tableaux d’une exposition || Pictures at an Exhibition

Album art.

Tableaux d’une exposition
Pictures at an Exhibition

Vocals: 麻観りみゆ (Rimiyu Amami)
Lyrics: みずよし (Moyoko Akutagawa)
Arranged by: いわまひろゆき (Hiroyuki Iwama)
Album: The world of Guertena
Circle: 快楽音楽堂 (Kairaku Ongakudou)
Event: C82

Requested by: Amilka

This doujin album is based on the popular RPG maker horror/art simulation game Ib [Download link]. It centres around three characters – Ib, Garry, and Mary.

Now, for some notes about the song – I thought the starting bit was in some sort of made up language, until I tried to read it backwards, and realised that it was actually Romanised Japanese, but in reverse! I ‘translated’ it back into Japanese and rewrote it below. As I’m unfamiliar with the story and characters, I didn’t make any judgements regarding who the narrator is. It changes throughout the song – keep in mind that ‘boku’ is a masculine pronoun, so when you hear ‘boku,’ it’s probably Garry talking.


Oyedni sin ir a wa Koniatiran in uyi
Joy uremoki jotow a tana
A day it tobiroti
Huo bosa in ohsi UB ioye dio

ひとりぼっち いやだ!
自由になりたいの かわりに死んでよ)

女の子 手を惹かれやっと出会えた


少女のpapier colle

さよならの赤い糸 手繰り寄せて





Hold me tight 君が望んでる因果律

A kano nim a yo
Kot a wi a kesonis
A kano neo yure tisia
A rabi oa
A rabi aka
In a darak o wia

赤い 薔薇
蒼い 薔薇
愛してるよ 絵の中

gallete des rois




少女のpapier colle


oide yo Ib issho ni asobou
hitoribocchi iyada
anata wo tojikomeru yo
jiyuu ni naritai no kawari ni shinde yo

iro no nai kyanbasu wo kakenuketa no
kimi wa Fantasy
onna no ko te wo hikare yatto deaeta
boku wa Destiny

honokurai yami no naka de bokura wa motometa
chiisa na kubisuji wo terasu hikari to
shizuka na nukumori wo

tenrankai no e
iki wo hisome samayou nazo
giwaku no ROSE akashite
「nee, tobira wo hiraite!」
kikagakuteki ni kousa suru ame
shoujo no papier colle

sayonara no akai ito taguriyosete
kimi ga nageku yo
sekaijuu de hitoribocchi
sonna akumu ni kimi wa warau yo

tsukiyo ni chiru hakanaki omoi wa hatenai
paretto ni mazaru akui
chuushouteki na uchuu de
mamagoto wo shimashouka

“oite ikanaide!”
kiiro no ROSE moyashite
“nee, hitori ni shinaide”
mijime ni kowareru yume mita… yo?

kubi no nai koibito no rondo wa nariyamanai
shinkai no arabesuku
tereezu no komoriuta

boku to kimi to bara to koi

Hold me tight kimi ga nozonderu ingaritsu
haguruma nejireteku chiku taku to
ai to kiseki irimajiru hanakotoba
Labyrinth doukoku ni nijimu tear

ai wo karada ni
akai bara
aoi bara
aishiteru yo e no naka
shi no sekai wa toko
yami no naka

gallete des rois

honou no you na foovisumu
zankoku na dadaisuto

tenrankai no e
iki wo hisome samayou nazo
giwaku no ROSE akashite
“nee, tobira wo hiraite!”
kikagakuteki ni kousa suru aaa…

“oite ikanaide!”
kiiro no ROSE moyashite
“nee, hitori ni shinaide”
migi to hidari no te tsunagu yume

shoujo no papier colle


Come, Ib, let’s play together.
I don’t want to be all by myself!
I’ll lock you up.
I want to be free – die in my place!

I ran through a canvas void of colour.
You’re a fantasy…
I was drawn by that girl’s hand – we were able to meet at last.
I’m your destiny…

In the gloomy darkness, we pursued
The light shining on the nape of your tiny neck,
And a peaceful warmth…

Pictures at an exhibition.
An enigma prowls around with bated breath…
The rose of doubt is revealed.
“Hey, open the door!”
The rain intersects geometrically,
Over that maiden’s papier collé (1)

You haul in the red string of farewells,
And you grieve.
You’re alone in the wide world.
In this nightmare, you smile…

Those transient feelings, scattered through the moonlit night, are without end.
Ill will mingles in the palette…
In this abstract universe,
Shall we play house?

“Don’t leave me behind…!”
The voice was loud enough to pierce my eardrums.
I burn that yellow rose.
“Hey, don’t leave me alone!”
I had a dream that was broken wretchedly… right?

The rondo of headless lovers sounds without end.
It’s an arabesque of the deep sea –
Teresa’s lullaby…

You, I, the rose, and love…

Hold me tight – it’s the law of cause and effect that you wish for.
The gears twist – ‘tick, tock…’
Love and miracles are mixed into this floriography,
And tears run through this wailing labyrinth…

Love is in my body…
Red roses,
Blue roses.
I love you. The world of death
Is inside this painting,
In the darkness…

The cake of kings. (2)

Fauvism, like the flames…
A cruel Dadaist…

Pictures at an exhibition.
An enigma prowls around with bated breath…
The rose of doubt is revealed:
“Hey, open the door!”
The [aah] intersects geometrically… (3)

“Don’t leave me behind…!”
The voice was loud enough to pierce my eardrums.
I burn that yellow rose.
“Hey, don’t leave me alone!”
It’s a dream that ties both of my hands together…

That maiden’s papier collé

Translator’s notes

(1) papier collé = collage

(2) I think this may be intended to be galerie des rois, or ‘the gallery of kings,’ unless a cake of kings features in the original game…

(3) The sentence is cut off with an ‘aah,’ but I had to put the ‘aah’ earlier because of sentence structure.






2 responses to “Tableaux d’une exposition || Pictures at an Exhibition”

  1. Amilka Avatar

    That’s so gorgeous, thank you very much ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ
    Oh, by the way, is it also possible to translate J’aime Ib if it’s also Romaji in reverse? I thought that was made up language but maybe it’s the same as these song?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      I had a look at it, and it’s the same! :O It’s a short one, so I’ll put it at the top of the list – I should be able to get it done tomorrow.


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