Fatal Disobedience

Over the MythologiaFatal Disobedience

Lead Vocals: WeatherH
Lyrics: yapan
Arranged by: yapan
Album: Over The Mythologia
Event: C85
Original: Spring Lane ~ Colourful Path [春色小径 ~ Colorful Path]

Requested by: Eiki
Subtitled video courtesy of Eiki Shiki:

I ‘translated’ the English parts of this song back into English to try and make them make a bit more sense, and make the song more cohesive. Of course, it’s only my interpretation of the lyrics, so it’s up to you whether you want to take it on board or not! This track deals with similar themes (rebellion, etc.) as the last one from this album. I… somehow feel that my ‘translation voice’ doesn’t really match with the tone of the album, but what can you do…

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この夢が色失くすその前に 抗ってみせる
This is the mission to resist my fate

kono yume ga iro nakusu sono mae ni akagatte miseru
This is the mission to resist my fate

Before this dream loses its colour, I’ll show you I can resist!
This is my mission: to resist my fate.

指の隙間零れ落ちるのは 僅かに残った思考の欠片
背くこと許されはしない この命の灯り尽きるまで

yubi no sukima kobore ochiru no wa wazuka ni nokotta shikou no kakera
somuku koto yurusare wa shinai kono inochi no akari tsukiru made

The things spilling and falling through the gaps in my fingers were tiny fragments of leftover thoughts.
Disobeying is not permitted, until you exhaust the flame of your life…

This is my fatal struggle staking my life
Never be defeated the strife of taking back my way
Even if it’s unanswered treason, I will never give it up

I stake my life on this, my fatal struggle.
I will never be defeated, as I go to take back my freedom.
Even if it’s treason, I will never give it up.

もう二度と失わないと誓う この手空には届かないとしても
未来蝕む宿命にすら 決して屈しはしない Mission to reject my fate

mou nido to ushinawanai to chikau kono te sora ni wa todokanai to shitemo
mirai mushibamu sadame ni sura kesshite kusshi wa shinai Mission to reject my fate

I vow that I will not lose it again, though my hand may not reach the sky.
Even if it is fate for the future to be ruined, I will never yield on my mission to reject my fate.

心の鎖引き千切るのは 今も揺るがない決意の証
報われることはなくとも 足掻きもがく 虹を摘むまで

kokoro no kusari hikichigiru no wa ima mo yuru ga nai ketsui no akashi
mukuwareru koto wa naku to mo agaki mogaku niji wo tsumamu made

The thing that tears off the chains binding my heart is the mark of my determination, which does not tremble now, either.
Though I will not be rewarded, I will continue to struggle, until I can seize that rainbow.

Disobedience of my life continues until the day I arrive that rainbow
Disconnection of my future don’t forgive our limited honeymoon, but still…
Drifting cloud, never fade, color of the dream, I hope you were there
Screaming aloud, to tell you, that here I am

The disobedience of my life will continue until the day when I arrive at that rainbow.
Though my future is disconnected, and you may not forgive me for our limited honeymoon…
I hope you’ll be there on that drifting cloud, in my dream that will never lose its colours.
I scream, to tell you that I am here.

すべて失くしたこの両の手でも (Only what to save)
未来蝕む宿命にすら 決して屈しはしない
そうこれが私の Mission to resist my fate

subete nakushita kono ryou no te demo (Only what to save)
tada hitotsu dake mamorinuite miseru
mirai mushibamu sadame ni sura kesshite kusshi wa shinai
sou kore ga watashi no Mission to resist my fate

Even though these hands have lost everything, (I only want to save you…)
I’ll try and protect just that one thing to the end.
Even if it is fate for the future to be ruined, I will never yield.
Yes, that’s my mission to resist my fate.

Keep up movin’ on

Keep moving on…

Survive from this fate!!

Survive this fate!!


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