Album art.

光れない || I Can’t Shine

Album art.

I Can’t Shine

Vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: ランコ (Ranko)
Arranged by: コンプ (Comp)
Album: ポップ (Pop)
Circle: 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME)
Event: Reitaisai 11 [RTS11]
Original theme: Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect [蠢々秋月 ~ Mooned Insect]

And like that, I’ve finally finished this album. Unlike the other songs, this one doesn’t deal with youkai eating people. So, it’s a bit of a refreshing way to end the album, I suppose? As a side note, I translated the title as “I Can’t Shine,” rather than “Can’t Shine,” because that’s the way I translated it in the song, and the titles of BUTAOTOME songs are normally taken from the lyrics.

It was hard to get a good ‘grip’ on this song because of its sparseness of pronouns. It seems like a god of sorts is talking to someone and making some observations about humanity, so my pronoun choices are based on that interpretation. Also, according to Tegamin, Ranko posted a tweet, which said that this song is ‘about a concept of “fireflies who can shine and those who cannot, but applied to human beings.”‘


そうやって いつまでも
なんだって ごまかして
単純なことばかり 繰り返して

生きる意味 問えるほど君、生きてる?

みんな同じ いのち

どうやって 手を抜こう
こうやって 楽しよう


とても無理な はなし

無駄な努力 そんなのこの世に無い
信じてれば シアワセ
信じれれば 幸せ


sou yatte itsu made mo
nandatte gomakashite
tanjun na koto bakari kurikaeshite

jibun dake wa chigaun datte
kuchi bakari de tada daradara to
ikiru imi toeru hodo kimi, ikiteru?

hikaru you ni mieteta yume mo uso mo
yurayura to kagerou yurete
onore sae mo mienai mushikeratachi
minna onaji inochi

douyatte te wo nukou
kouyatte raku shiyou
ningen wa ikite iru dake de tsumi

minna chigatte minna ii tte
nigekoujou tsukatte mite mo
hiyaase wa tomedonaku tada nagareru

“hikarenai” to waratte tsubuyaite mo
hontou wa yume wo miteru
umare motta waku kara hazuretai no
totemo muri na hanashi

hikaru koto ga dekitara
subarashii ne
hajime kara dekinai no ni ne
muda na doryoku sonna no kono yo ni nai
shinjitereba shiawase
shinjirereba shiawase


Just like that, no matter what…
“Huh?! I’ve been deceived…”
You repeat those simple things, over and over…

You say you’re the only one who’s different.
You’re all talk, no action, and you’re just a lazybones…
Do you live as much as you ask about the meaning of life?

Dreams and lies both appeared as though they were shining…
The heat haze flickered and swayed.
Even you, as well as those invisible insects,
Are equal in life.

“How should we cut corners?
If we do this, we’ll be at ease…”
It’s a sin for humans to just be alive…

“Everyone’s different, and that’s okay”
I tried to use an evasive answer, but
I broke out into an endless cold sweat…

Even if you smile and mutter “I can’t shine…”
Really, you dream of doing so.
Do you want to get out of the frame you were born in?
That’s a very unreasonable thing to say.

If I could shine…
It would be wonderful, right?
Even though I haven’t been able to do it since the start…
Useless effort – there’s nothing like that in the world!
If I believe, I’ll be happy.
If I can believe, I’ll be happy…






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