Album art.

蜃気楼 || Mirage

Album art.


Vocals: anporin (3L)
Lyrics: anporin (3L)
Composed by: bermei.inazawa
Album: berpop melodies & Remixies vol.2
Circle: studioCampanella
Release date: 24 April 2014

Requested by: Awooji

This was originally a transcription request, but since I liked it so much, and you can buy tracks from this album individually on studioCampanella’s website (with lyrics), I decided to just go ahead and buy it. I really like the images in this song – it gives me the sense of wandering in a desert, yet wandering around in a city at night at the same time. Almost like an ‘urban desert.’ Also, I threw in a sneaky Persona 4 reference with the whole ‘Midnight Channel’ thing – it just refers to the legend that you can hear voices when you watch TV at midnight.


ゆれる ゆれる ゆれる ひとり まどろみ
あつく あつく あつく うつす
すなと ゆめは うそと さまよう

眠る 真夜中の テレビに映る
ひとと 音楽は さも楽しそうね
やがて しずまって 世界のニュースは
それは 淡々と 悲劇を伝える

うつろい ゆらめいた
砂塵には 何があるの?

うつす 目を疑って
指は 触れるの蜃気楼
迷路に まよいこんだ

ノイズ 混じりでの 試験電波は
夢や 希望とか 話題さえもない

褪せてく 現実の
その先に 何が

地球 裏側ひとっとび
微熱は 柔く溶けた

揺れる 電波に乗って
宇宙 果てまでひとっとび
ノイズに まよいこむの


yureru yureru yureru hitori madoromi
atsuku atsuku atsuku utsusu
suna to yume wa uso to samayou

nemuru mayonaka no terebi ni utsuru
hito to ongaku wa samo tanoshisou ne
yagate shizumatte sekai no nyuusu wa
sore wa tantan to higeki wo tsutaeru

utsuroi yurameita
sajin ni wa nani ga aru no?

utsusu me wo utagatte
kasumu monokuro rizumu
yubi wa furueru no shinkirou
meiro ni mayoikonda

noizu majiri de no shiken denpa wa
yume ya kibou to ka wadai sae mo nai

aseteku genjitsu no
sono saki ni nani ga

atsui me wo kosuttara
sekai kuru kuru mawaru
chikyuu uragawa hitottobi
binetsu wa yawaraku toketa

yureru denpa ni notte
sono mama me wo tojite yo
uchuu hate made hitottobi
noizu ni mayoikomu no


Swaying. Swaying. Swaying. I’m alone. I doze off…
It’s hot. It’s hot. It’s hot. I cast a shadow.
The sand, and this dream are both lies. I roam around…

I close my eyes. The people and the music
Displayed on the Midnight Channel seem really fun…
Eventually, they quieten down, and the world news begins.
It indifferently conveys the tragedies of the world.

Changing. Swaying.
Is there something in that cloud of sand?

I doubt my eyes, and
That monochrome rhythm grows hazy.
My fingers touch a mirage.
I have gone astray in this labyrinth…

The test signals, mixed in with the static,
Don’t contain dreams, hopes, or even a conversation topic.

Beyond that reality,
Which grows faded, something is–

When I rubbed at my hot eyes,
The world began to whirl and spin around.
I flew to the reverse side of the globe,
And my faint fever softly dissolved away…

I ride the swaying radio waves,
And as I do so, my eyes are closed.
I flew to the end of the universe,
And I have gone astray in the static.


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