Sky High

Sky High

Vocals: 櫻井アンナ (Sakurai Anna)
Arranged by: 六弦A助 (RokugenA)
Album: Touhou Sky Arena OST
Circle: 六弦アリス (Rokugen Alice)
Original theme: Maiden’s Capriccio ~ Dream Battle (少女綺想曲 ~ Dream Battle)

Requested by: mone

This track features in the fangame ‘Touhou Sky Arena’ (doing the whole ‘getting doujin musicians involved’ thing before ULiL made it cool >_>). The speaker appears to be Reimu – she talks about incidents, and having tea with the perpetrators. I feel like I translated this a bit too… seriously, considering it seems to be quite light-hearted.


それはいつも突然 またも異変の予感




あらあなたも違うの? またも外れの予感
こんな勘違いにも隠れている 異変の欠片が


それも叶わず苛立ちは限界 「…諦めていい?」





sore wa itsumo totsuzen mata mo ihen no yokan
zawari hada wo sasu ki wa watashi wo karitateru koto deshou

demo ne sonna ni sekasanaide, watashi wa koko ni
yokisenu jitai no yukue wa?
iretate no ocha mo o-azuke ni watashi wo sekitate
koto no yukue, abakaseru deshou

ukabi agaru butai wa owaru koto nai nazo wo yonda
shimesareru mama, mi wo makasete sora he
ukabi agaru giwaku wa owaru koto nai hanashi no hate
sore ha mirai no yukue wo shimeshita

—— tabi no hajimari.

ara anata mo chigau no? mata mo hazure no yokan
konna kanchigai ni mo kakureteiru ihen no kakera ga

demo ne, mawari michi demo soko ni kotae ga areba
sora wo kake, anata no moto he
nankai na koto mo himotokeba tayasuku kaiketsu
…masaka watashi, tamasareteiru?

ukabi agaru sekai ga anata wo kakushi, madowasu kara
watashi wa maru de asobareteru mitai
sore mo waruku nai kedo, sorosoro akita. “ocha ni shimasho”
sore mo kanawazu iradachi wa genkai “…akiramete ii?”

dakara sonna ni sekasanaide, jiki ni owaru kara
ato de ocha to hanami ni shimashou ♪

kurikaesare tsudzukeru ihen no nazo wa maru de pazuru
saizu chigai no kakera ga mata hitotsu
ukabi agaru giwaku wa owaru koto nai hanashi no hate
sore wa mirai no yukue wo shimeshita

—— tabi wa mada, hajimari.


It’s always sudden – once again, I have a premonition of an odd occurrence.
I guess the feeling of something stabbing into my skin is what spurs me on…

But still, don’t hurry me on so much! I’m right here.
And the outcome of that unforeseeable situation…?
You postpone tea, and continue to hurry me on.
Perhaps I will make the outcome of things come to light.

The stage that rose to the surface called an endless mystery.
As it’s being pointed out, I leave myself to the wind and head for the sky.
The doubts that rise to the surface are the result of a drama – a tale without end.
They showed the future – the outcome.

——The beginning of my journey.

Hm? You’re different, too? Once again, my premonitions are off.
To think that a fragment of an odd occurrence lies hidden in such a misunderstanding…

But, you know, if there’s an answer in even a detour,
I shall race through the sky, and head for you.
If you untie the things that are hard to understand, they’re easily resolved.
…Could it be? Am I being tested?

As the world that rises to the surface hides you, and misleads me,
It appears as though I’m being played with.
It’s not a bad thing, but I’m slowly tiring of it. “Let us have tea!”
And also, my irritation, that I cannot bear, is at its limit. “Is it okay to give up?”

So don’t hurry me on so much, because it will be over soon.
Afterwards, let’s have tea and go flower viewing! ♪

The riddle of that odd occurrence, which continues to be repeated, is certainly a puzzle.
There is one more fragment of a different size…
The doubts that rise to the surface are the result of a drama – a tale without end.
They showed the future – the outcome.

——My journey is still beginning…






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