soup (in A)

Album art.
Album art.

soup (in A)

Vocals: witch
Lyrics: witch
Composed by: しゃばだば (Shavadava)
Album: Song Writer’s Soul [Official site]
Circle: Sound CYCLONE
Event: M3-2011

Requested by: alv

Another love song. This one focuses on the healing power of love – the male speaker (僕, boku) reflects on how the his partner’s love is like a soup, melting all of his worries away. It’s a slightly unconventional image, but it works!






i found and caught you
though i went out of the way
every time i feel you
it’s lovely and warm like in the soup


愛し合いましょ 小細工なしで


kimi wa boku no chippoke na nayami nante
“kudaranai!” tte itte warai tobasu
kimi wa boku no taikutsu na mainichi ni
e no gu de iro wo soeteiku

kimi no tsukuru detarame na uta ni notte
fuwari fuwari yume no naka wo tobu
furikakattekuru kurushimi mo sabishisa mo zenbu
kimi no tsukuru suupu no toketeiku

jumon nante mono wa nai keredo
kimi ga iru to mahou ni kakaru
kimi no koe ga boku wo yobeba tonde iku yo

hashaida te ni akiretari shinaide
itaranai boku wo uketomete yo
kesshite dare ni mo mitsukaranai you ni
kon’ya wa futari de issho ni iyo

i found and caught you
though i went out of the way
every time i feel you
it’s lovely and warm like in the soup

kakaetsudzuketa mune no itami
futatsu ni shite atashi ni choodai
hanaretetemo kokoro wa zutto soba ni iru yo

tsunaida te wo nido to hanasanaide
owari no konai yume wo misete
amaku setsunai toki koeteshimattemo
aishiaimasho kozaiku nashi de


You take my small worries,
And laugh them off, saying “how boring!”
You add colour to my boring days
With paint.

I ride upon your nonsense song,
And fly, gently, within a dream.
The pain and loneliness that have befallen me
All disappear into the soup you make…

Though magic spells don’t exist,
When you’re here, I’m spellbound.
If your voice calls for me, I’ll fly away!

Don’t be shocked by my frolicking hands –
Catch my careless self!
Let’s stay together tonight,
So we will never be found by anyone,

I found and caught you,
Though I went out of my way to do so.
Every time I feel you,
It’s lovely and warm, like in the soup.

The pain you kept holding in your chest –
Cut it in half and give it to me!
Even if we’re separated, my heart will always be by your side.

Don’t let go of my hands again.
Show me an unending dream!
Even if we wind up crossing over bittersweet time,
Let’s make love, without any tricks…

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