Album art.

空と平行に沿う曲線 || A Curve Running Parallel to the Sky

Album art.

sora to heikou ni sou kyokusen
A Curve Running Parallel to the Sky

Vocals: 茶太 (Chata)
Lyrics: shuriken
Arranged by: NSY
Album: Pygmalion [Official site]
Circle: Sally
Event: C83
Original theme: Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes [人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女]

Requested by: Eiki

The lyrics are by shuriken, who is notorious for writing complex lyrics. I tried to translate this a while back, but I ended up giving up. I was more successful this time, though there are still parts that I don’t understand. I feel like parts of this take place in Alice’s mind – the ‘soldiers’ are possibly her dolls, and it’s likely that she’s searching for Marisa. But it’s very open-ended.


そうして愛が そっと揺らいだ
とうに世界は 崩れかけていたの

順に塞いだ 12支の皆変幻自在な

敵 標的を


あさるなら あいづちの間もない

ここで どこへ いつ
ひとえに束ね 陽が


吐息をした 夜咲きの地や

霹を 靂を 振り払いたい記憶に




いっそひとりで いようがもう
あそびでしょ ねぇ こんなの


soushite ai ga sotto yuraida
tou ni sekai wa kuzurekakete ita no
toge kurai de

jun ni fusaida juunishi no mina hengenjizai na
bakufuu ni hisan suru kousen wo sakete goran yo

teki hyouteki wo
nagori yamanu matsuri no ne

heishi no gensou
houi mo mugen yo

asaru nara aizuchi no mamonai

koko de doko e itsu
nanimo oshienu mama itai
hitoe ni tabane hi ga
sono tabi wo tsumugeta no ni sa

asobi desho nee konna no

toiki wo shita yosaki no chi ya
hyougaki no hiya
chikurin wo mukete ano sougen
futari de mitai na

heki wo reki wo furiharaitai kioku ni

seihoukei no
warasei no ribon

ariamaru hodo no akatsuki koe

hakanasa yo ikite
houshi no mau mori no sumi demo
shihai ni kaete kita
yo no saji wo ureita ochiba

rindou ni kimi e no ato
isso hitori de iyou ga mou
hidoi kiri deshou sazo
asobi desho nee konna no


And like that, my love grew loose.
The world, long ago, had come close to crumbling away
In a crown of thorns.

The 12 zodiac signs were covered up, one by one –
Try and avoid the light rays scattered by this phantasmagorical bomb blast!

The enemy aims at its target –
The sounds of the endless festival that lingers still.

In the illusion of the soldiers,
Direction, too, is limitless.

If you’re searching, there’s no time for ums or aahs.

I don’t want to be told
Where I will travel, or when.
Though the sun, earnestly controlling me,
Has spun out my journey before me.

Hey, let’s play – like this…

I sighed. Oh, land that blooms in the night…
A fire arrow from the ice age.
I want to escape the bamboo thicket
And see those plains with you.

I want to shake off the thunder and lightning in my memories.

A square-shaped
Straw ribbon.

I’ve passed through more than enough daybreaks…

I live, transiently,
Even in this forest, in which the spores dance.
I came to rule over
The fallen leaves, unhappy with trifling things.

Tracks leading to you lie on the forest’s path.
I may rather be alone,
But the fog has grown quite thick, hasn’t it?
Hey, let’s play – like this…







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