Vocals: F9
Lyrics: Neeshe
Arranged by: Irus
Album: with GOD
Circle: LiLA’c Records
Event: C83
Original theme: Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall [フォールオブフォール ~ 秋めく滝]

心無マスホリック || Heartless Mass Holic

Vocals: 田中じゅんじろー (Tanaka Junjiro)
Lyrics: 田中じゅんじろー (Tanaka Junjiro)
Arranged by: 田中じゅんじろー (Tanaka Junjiro)
Album: モジャのみぞ知るセカイ (A World Moja Only Knows) [Official site]
Circle: モジャン棒 (Moja stick)
Event: C83
Original theme: Hartmann’s Youkai Girl [ハルトマンの妖怪少女]

最初の話 || The First Tale

最初の話 saisho no hanashi The First Tale Vocals: 556t Lyrics: 毛 (Ke) Arranged by: 毛 (Ke) Album: 8magics to kill the gods Circle: 回路-kairo- Event: C83 Original Themes: –Tomorrow Will Be Special; Yesterday Was Not [明日ハレの日、ケの昨日] –Native Faith [ネイティブフェイス] –Shrine at the Foot of the Mountain [麓の神社] Requested by: 空見 りんき Like usual, kairo offers up some profound… Continue reading 最初の話 || The First Tale

Cranberry Head

Cranberry Head Vocals: CHERICa Lyrics: Souutsu Torako (躁鬱とらこ) Arranged by: MUZIK SERVANT Album: Insane Adversary 【Official Site】 Circle: OTOMEKAN (音召缶) Event: C83 Original Theme: U.N. Owen Was Her? [U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?] Requested by: 中原ほたる I feel like this track is about someone losing their innocence. Perhaps they kill someone close to them. It’s quite open-ended, either way. 幼い憧れが 高いところから落ちるように 終りの始まりを加速させゆくパトス osanai akogare… Continue reading Cranberry Head

地球儀の旅 || Travel the Globe

地球儀の旅 chikyuugi no tabi Travel the Globe Vocals: lily-an Lyrics: azuki Arranged by: kaztora Album: Winter Firefly (冬蛍) 【Official Site】 Circle: Liz Triangle Event: C83 Original Theme: Gathering the Mysterious From All Around Japan [日本中の不思議を集めて] 英訳だけです。申し訳ありません! This track was released in 2012, and I don’t think any arrangement of Gathering the Mysterious From All Around… Continue reading 地球儀の旅 || Travel the Globe

オレンジデイズ || Orange Days

オレンジデイズ orenji deizu Orange Days Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ) Lyrics: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ) Arranged by: mono & RI Album: nyanco 【Official Site】 Circle: monochrome-coat Event: C83 Original Theme: Diao ye zong (Withered Leaf) [ティアオイエツォン] Requested by: Vengeance _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 色褪せたアルバムめくって あの頃はとても良かったね なんて懐かしい思い出に浸って 溢れ出す記憶が重なり iroaseta arubamu mekutte ano koro wa… Continue reading オレンジデイズ || Orange Days