Album art.

on the way home

Album art.

on the way home

Vocals: 綾倉盟 (Mei Ayakura)
Lyrics: Linjin
Arranged by: Linjin
Album: White clear
Circle: Syrufit
Event: C82
Original theme: Returning Home From the Sky ~ Sky Dream  [空の帰り道 ~ Sky Dream]

Requested by: Nii Chii

I think, at its heart, this song is about Byakuren. But it doesn’t give many clues as to who she’s speaking about. I don’t know when it happened, but I’ve found myself filling in those details almost automatically as I translate… But it’s all very open to interpretation, so feel free to build your own ‘story’ around it (as always, I suppose.)


ひとつひとつ 手探りで 集めてきたけど
僕は今 探してる
目を そらしたのに

嘘付いて 傷つけて
今じゃもう 見えないね
遠い 帰り道

前向いて 強がってきたけど
どこかでは 探していた

笑いあって 歩いていた
揺れる夕日 照らす影が
今も空に 焼く付いてる
声をかけたら 消えてしまう事
わかってた 帰り道

見て見ない ふりをして 歩いてきたけど
君は今 何見てる
遠い 空の下

嘘付いた かいもなし
だからもう 見えないね
重い 帰り道

泣かないで 強がってきたけど
とこかでは わかっていた

笑いあって 歌っていた
沈む夕日 昇る月が
照らす心 錆び付いてる
手を触れたら 消えてしまう事
わかってた 帰り道

今じゃもう 見えないね
遠い 帰り道
だからもう 見えないね
想い 帰り道

泣かないで 君のそばにいる
どこかでは わかっていた

今日も独り 歩いてくよ
今日は独り 歩いてくよ


hitotsu hitotsu tesaguri de atsumete kita kedo
boku wa ima sagashiteru
me wo sorashita no ni

usotsuite kizutsukete
atsumeta mono bakari
ima ja mou mienai ne
tooi kaerimichi

mae muite tsuyogatte kita kedo
dokoka de wa sagashite ita

warai atte aruite ita
ano hi no kokoro wa mou inai
yureru yuuhi terasu kage ga
ima mo sora ni yakitsuiteru
dokoka de atta ki ga shite ita
koe wo kaketara kiete shimau koto
wakatteta kaerimichi

mite minai furi wo shite aruite kita kedo
kimi wa ima nani miteru
tooi sora no shita

usotsuita kai mo nashi
hakidasenai koe
dakara mou mienai ne
omoi kaerimichi

nakanaide tsuyogatte kita kedo
dokoka de wa wakatte ita

waraiatte utatte ita
tashika na bokura wa mou inai
shizumu yuuhi noboru tsuki ga
terasu kokoro sabitsuiteru
dokoka ni atta ki ga shite ita
te wo furetara kiete shimau koto
wakatteta kaerimichi

ima ja mou mienai ne
tooi kaerimichi
dakara mou mienai ne
omoi kaerimichi

nakanaide kimi no soba ni iru
dokoka de wa wakatte ita

kyou mo hitori aruiteku yo
ano kaerimichi
kyou wa hitori aruiteku yo
kimi wo mukae ni


I fumbled around and gathered them up, one by one,
But I’m still searching,
Though I turned my eyes away.

I lied to you. I hurt you.
Now, I am blind to all
But the things I gathered up.
The way back home is long…

I faced forwards and grew stronger,
Though I was searching somewhere…

We walked together and laughed.
My heart is no longer as it was then.
The setting sun sways, and the shadow it illuminates
Is burned into the sky now, too.
I felt like we had met somewhere before
But when I raised my voice, you disappeared.
I knew the way home.

I looked at you but pretended not to look as I walked,
But what are you looking at now
Beneath a distant sky?

There was no value in me lying to you –
I cannot speak those words.
So I guess I can no longer see you, can I?
The way home is so grave.

Don’t cry: I’ve grown stronger.
But somewhere inside me, I knew it.

We laughed together and sang,
But I guess we’re not here anymore, as we once were.
My heart, which the setting sun
And the rising moon illuminates, is rusty.
I felt like we had met somewhere before.
If I touch your hand, you’ll disappear.
I knew the way home.

I can’t see the distant way home
So I guess I can’t see my feelings anymore,
Or the way home.

Don’t cry – I’m by your side.
Somewhere inside me, I knew.

I will walk alone today, too,
On the way home.
Today, I will walk alone.
I’m on the way to see you.






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