Missing Liar

missingliarMissing Liar

Vocals: Nodoame [のど飴]
Lyrics: Sukemeta [スケメタ]
Arranged by: Sukemeta [スケメタ]
Album: MISSING LIAR 【Official Site】
Circle: Akamichi (赤道)
Event: Reitaisai 8 [RTS8]
Original Themes: –Memory of Forgathering Dream [東方萃夢想]
Broken Moon [砕月]

Requested by: Alv

Since this album is now considered out-of-print, the circle has generously decided to make it available to download on their official site [which I linked to up there].

The (bracketed parts) seem to be separated from the proper lyrics, with one or two exceptions.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

何時か観た夢の続き 追いかけてみては
始末に追えぬ結末 知らない振りした

itsuka mita yume no tsudzuki oikakete mite wa
shimatsu ni oenu ketsumatsu shiranai furi shita

I chase after a dream I once had
Whilst pretending not to know its inevitable conclusion.

人の嘘は今も 時を止めたまま
古の忘れ形見 地の底に隠して

hito no uso wa ima mo toki wo tometa mama
inishie no wasuregatami chi no soko ni kakushite

While time is stopped, the lies of humans
Hide that ancient memento at the bottom of the earth.

今は見知らぬ (現世の営み)
のらり くらり 手を伸ばして

ima wa mishiranu (gense no itonami)
kaya no soto kara nagamete miru
norari kurari te wo nobashite
todokanu yume no kokochi yo

Now, I try to gaze at the strange (activity of this world)
From the perspective of an outsider.
Lazily, lazily, I stretch out my hand.
It feels like a dream that I cannot reach…

雲か霧か何か 漂う不快に
一人一人と消え行く 虚ろな風景に

kumo ka kiri ka nanika tadayou fukai ni
hitori hitori to kieyuku utsuro na keshiki ni

In a drifting unpleasantness, whether it be clouds, fog, or something else,
They vanish one by one. The landscape is empty.

終わりの来ない (一人隠れ鬼)
よいか まだか 聞く声さえ

owari no konai (hitori kakure oni)
mirai ni negai wo takushite wa
yoi ka mada ka kiku koe sae
tooki mukashi no gensou

The end will not come (a lone demon hides)
To this future, which I entrust my wishes to.
Whether they be good or bad, even the voices I listen to
Are an illusion of the distant past.

いつからか消えた 小さな影を
追い続ける 小さな影を
掬い攫い 今果たすは

itsu kara ka kieta chiisana kage wo
oi tsudzukeru chiisana kage wo
sukui sarai ima hatasu wa
furuki tomo to no chikai yo

Since when have those small shadows disappeared?
I continue to chase after them
And I scoop them up. Now,
I carry out the vow I made with my old friend.

集いも集う (魑魅魍魎共)
人は去りて 家路につく
今は見知らぬ (人攫い鬼よ)
萃い散りし 変わらぬ日々

tsudoi mo tsudou (chimimouryou-domo)
towa ni wa tsudzukanai utage ni
hito wa sarite ieji ni tsuku
todokanu kage wo miokuru
ima wa mishiranu (hitosarai oni yo)
yasuraka na gensou no chi ni
tsudoi chirishi kawaranu hibi
sashinoberu te wo tsukame yo

They meet and gather (the evil spirits of the rivers and mountains)
During this feast, which will not last forever.
The humans leave and head home,
Seeing off the shadows that will not reach their destination.
Now, in an unfamiliar (o, kidnapping demon!)
Tranquil land of illusions,
We gather, then scatter, during those unchanging days.
Grab my outstretched hand!

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