Album art.

生き地獄 || Living Hell

Album art.

Living Hell

Vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: コンプ (Comp)
Arranged by: コンプ (Comp)
Album: ゲツメンタンサ (Lunar Probe) [Official site]
Circle: 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME)
Event: C89
Original theme: Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart [ピュアヒューリーズ ~ 心の在処]

I’d say this is one of my favourite tracks from the album. I like that it stays close to the original theme, yet sounds quite fresh as well. The katakana bits sound great, too.


弱き若葉育ち やがて大木へと
それは泡と消えて 煮える怒り遺る

ドウシテ ドウシテ コタエズ
カエシテ カエシテ カエラズ
モガイテ モガイテ カナワズ
コガレテ コガレテ コワレタ

己を裂き放たれる 燃え滾る矢の様に

悪い夢の続き まばたき繰り返し

アナタヲ アナタヲ コロシテ
クダイテ クダイテ ツブシテ
モヤシテ モヤシテ モヤシテ
スベテヲ スベテヲ ネダヤシ

走り行けど付き纏う 闇へ入らぬ限り



yowaki wakaba sodachi yagate taiboku e to
sore wa awa to kiete nieru ikari nokoru

doushite doushite kotaezu
kaeshite kaeshite kaerazu
mogaite mogaite kanawazu
kogarete kogarete kowareta

kesenai ikari towa kanashimi
onore wo saki hanatareru moe tagiru ya no you ni

warui yume no tsuzuki mabataki kurikaeshi
hitomi aketa saki ni makkuro na katamari

anata wo anata wo koroshite
kudaite kudaite tsubushite
moyashite moyashite moyashite
subete wo subete wo nedayashi

kienai ikari towa kageboushi
hashiri yukedo tsukimatou yami e hairanu kagiri

kesenai ikari towa kanashimi
anata wo saki mitasarezu eien ni juzutsunagi


I raised the new growth until it became a great tree.
It disappeared like a bubble. All that remained was seething rage.

Why. Why is there no answer.
Return it. Return it. I cannot return.
I struggled. I struggled. I couldn’t bear it.
I yearned. I yearned. I broke.

Inerasable anger is nothing but grief.
It is torn and fired off me like a burning, seething arrow.

I relived that bad dream in the wink of an eye.
When I opened my eyes, I saw my pitch-black soul.

You. You. I will kill you.
Break. Break. I will crush you.
Burn. Burn. Burn.
Everything. Everything. Exterminate.

Inerasable anger is nothing but a shadow.
Though I run, it will follow me unless I enter the darkness.

Inerasable anger is nothing but grief.
I am not satisfied with tearing you to pieces. We will be strung together forever. (1)

Translator’s note

(1) The original word 数珠つなぎ (juzutsunagi) refers to the act of stringing together prayer beads.






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