Album art.

メイドノミヤゲ || A Good Memory

Album art.

meido no miyage
A Good Memory

Vocals: IZNA
Lyrics: IZNA
Arranged by: NSY
Album: 悦楽バージン (Pleasure Virgin) [Official site]
Circle: 東方事変 (Touhou Jihen)
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 1 [ARTS1]
Original Theme: The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood [メイドと血の懐中時計]

This song actually has a really clever title. When written as 冥土の土産, it’s a set phrase meaning ‘a good memory [to take with you when you go to the afterlife],’ but when written as メイドの土産, it means ‘the maid’s souvenir/present.’ I ultimately went with the first one because I thought that was more appropriate for the lyrics, but the second one is also a valid title since the title is written in katakana. Honestly, it’s rare to find titles that are that clever.


見上げた陽射しホラ、美しい 後には退けぬ私はそんじょそこらへんの

落としたナイフで指を切った こんな日に限って「痛いわ。」
分かってる大きなモノにだって巻かれたって 時代は廻る

生命の始まり なんだか面映い人模様
どんな望みさえきっと忘れない 後には退けぬ私はそんじょそこらへんの

あの秒針が0に戻った時に もう二度と会えなくなるから
両眼こじあけて君を見届けるのだ 大丈夫?ちゃんと笑ってね

分かってる秘めてた大それた願い事 聞いて飽きれるわ

どんな結末にも今日は泣きません 後には退けぬ時間を 逃さないでよ honey

窓の外、空こんなよく晴れた日は あぁ君に会いたくなるから
この満身を全部捧げたいのだ 本当にイッショになりたい


miageta hizashi hora, utsukushii ato ni wa hikenu atashi wa sonjo sokorahen no

otoshita naifu de yubi wo kitta konna hi ni kagitte “itai wa.”
wakatteru ookina mono ni datte makareta tte jidai wa mawaru

inochi no hajimari nandaka omohayui hito moyou
donna nozomi sae kitto wasurenai ato ni wa hikenu watashi wa sonjo sokorahen no

ano byoushin ga rei ni modotta toki ni mou nido to aenaku naru kara
ryoume kojiakete kimi wo mitodokeru no da daijoubu? chanto waratte ne

tonari no ao shiba adeyaka ni surinukete iranai nani mo
wakatteru himeteta daisoreta negaigoto kiite akireru wa

donna ketsumatsu ni mo kyou wa nakimasen ato ni wa hikenu jikan wo nogasanaide yo honey

mado no soto, sora konna yoku hareta hi wa aa kimi ni aitaku naru kara
kono manshin wo zenbu sasagetai no da hontou ni issho ni naritai


I looked up, and the sunlight was so lovely. I’m anywhere – I can’t turn back again.

I cut my finger on the knife I dropped. I’ll say it hurt, but only on a day like today.
I know what it’s like to be enveloped by something big – the times go ‘round and ‘round.

My life has begun. I’m human-shaped and somewhat self-conscious.
I will never forget my wishes. I’m anywhere – I can’t turn back again.

When the second hand returns to 0, we won’t be able to meet again
So I’ll wrench my eyes open and look at you. Are you okay? Make sure you smile!

We slip through our neighbour’s lush green grass. We don’t need anything!
I know – when you hear the outrageous wish I’ve kept hidden, you’ll be bored.

No matter what the outcome is, I won’t cry today. Time won’t turn back afterwards, so I won’t let it go, honey!

On days when the sky is so clear outside my window, aah… I want to see you again.
I want to offer up my whole body to you. I truly want to become one with you…






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