Album art.

ピエロのラブソング || The Clown’s Love Song

Album art.

piero no rabu songu
The Clown’s Love Song

Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: [Not credited on official site]
Arranged by: 人造人間59号 (Cyborg #59)
Album: Away From Opium Haze [Official site]
Circle: うーじう (wujiu)
Event: C89
Original theme: U.N. Owen Was Her [U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?]

Requested by: Bear
Watch the official video on NicoNico!

I like this circle’s sound. It has a kind of antique big-band feel to it. I could listen to more stuff like this…

Also, just a warning – at one point the lyrics make a reference to the original title of Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None.’ The word itself is frowned upon nowdays and is widely viewed as a slur, so I blocked it out.

The original lyrics are also freely available on the circle’s website, which I linked to above.


恋した心は 氷のナイフ
傷だけ残して 儚く消える
仲良しごっこの 裏にひそめる
七色の鎌が 首をもたげる

ブロンドの少女 長いブラスのパイプをくわえて
カナビスのような 甘いピエロに溺れる
Could you see, honest n***** boys? 絶え間なく熱い飛沫が上がる
暗がりの中へ また一人ずつ消えてく


快楽もたらす したたる白濁のアルカロイド
麗しのピエロ 深い眠りにいざなう
None of you knows my other side 長いスカートの下に隠した
痩せた狼の 潰れた瞳が睨む

最も罪深い あなただけは逃がしてあげない
I could make rings round you any time I would 最後まで楽しませてあげる
暗がりの中で 血塗れたピエロが笑う



koi shita kokoro wa koori no naifu
kizu dake nokoshite hakanaku kieru
nakayoshi gokko no ura ni hisomeru
nanairo no kama ga kubi wo motageru

burondo no shoujo nagai burasu no paipu wo kuwaete
kanabisu no you na amai piero ni oboreru
Could you see, honest n***** boys? taemanaku atsui shibuki ga agaru
kuragari no naka e mata hitori zutsu kieteku

kunitsuri hanji no te ni wa pisutoru
ma meru rowa no you ni uta wo kanaderu
mieteru mono dake mite kangaeru
shoujikimono ni wa nazo wa tokenai

kairaku motarasu shitataru hakudaku no arukaroido
uruwashi no piero fukai nemuri ni izanau
None of you knows my other side nagai sukaato no shita ni kakushita
yaseta ookami no tsubureta hitomi ga niramu

motto mo tsumibukai anata dake wa nogashite agenai
murasaki-iro shita owari no maku ga hikareru
I could make rings round you any time I would saigo made tanoshimasete ageru
kuragari no naka de chinureta piero ga warau

soshite daremo inaku naru


My love-struck heart is a knife of ice.
Leaving only wounds behind, it fades away.
We pretend to be good friends, but under the surface,
My rainbow scythe cuts off their heads.

The blonde girl, with a long brass pipe in her mouth,
Indulges in the sweet clown, like cannabis.
Could you see, honest n***** boys? Hot sprays of blood fly, without pause.
They vanish, one by one, into the darkness…

A pistol lies in the hands of the hanged judge.
They sing, like Mother Goose. (1)
To those honest men, the enigma is unsolvable –
They only look at things that can be seen, and think.

The cloudy alkaloid drips down, bestowing pleasure.
The beautiful clown beckons them towards a deep sleep…
None of you know my other side. Hidden beneath my long skirt
Is a thin wolf, glaring with its crushed eyes.

You are the most sinful, so I will prevent only you from escaping.
The purple curtain is drawn, signifying the end.
I could make rings ‘round you any time, I would. I’ll let you have fun ‘till the very end.
The blood-stained clown laughed in the darkness.

And thus, they all died.

Translator’s note

(1) The original word used is マ・メル・ロワ (Ma Mère l’Oye), which is the french translation of ‘Mother Goose’






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