Vocals: Aishiro (あいしろ)
Lyrics: Bneko
Arranged by: Mittun (みっつん)
Album: Sanctuary 【Official Site】
Circle: Applice
Event: Reitaisai 11 [RTS11]
Original Theme: Alice in Wonderland [不思議の国のアリス]

Requested by: adelheid


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


hitori kiri de nemurenu yoru
mado kara nozoku tsukiakari
shiroi yubi de fureta negai
douka kakushite

I am alone at night, and I can’t sleep.
Moonlight peeps through from my window.
Somehow, I want to hide the wish I touched
With my white fingers…

あなたの髪も その仕草も

nejirete yuku
ito mitai na koi kiresou de
aa anata no koe
anata no kami mo sono shigusa mo
zenbu karamete tojikomete

I begin to twist my love around.
My love, which seems like a string about to snap.
Aah… Your voice,
And your hair, too. Through those means
I will entwine them all and seal them away.

あなたに あなたに
今 伝えたいこの想いを

anata ni anata ni
ima tsutaetai kono omoi wo
onegai douka minaide

Please… Please…
Don’t look upon my feelings,
Which I want to convey to you now.

綺麗で 綺麗な
恋 それだけを集めたなら
(ever…for ever…never)

kirei de kirei na
koi sore dake wo atsumeta nara
hoka ni wa nani mo iranai
(ever… for ever… never)

Beautiful, beautiful love.
If I could only gather that up,
I wouldn’t need anything else.
(Ever… forever… never)


futari kiri de sugoshita yoru
tsuki ga kakushita

The moon hid the nights
That we spent together.

あぁ その首筋
腕を絡めて そっと強めて

koborete yuku
toumei na namida mo kidzukazu ni
aa sono kubisuji
ude wo karamete sotto tsuyomete
zutto eien te ni shitai

Whilst unaware
Of my clear tears that begin to spill out,
Aah… I twine my arm
Around your neck, and I tighten it gently.
I want to hold you in my hands forever…

あなたに 今すぐ
今 溢れてるこの気持ちを

anata ni ima sugu
ima afureteru kono kimochi wo
onegai tsuki yo kakushite

I beg the moon
To hide my feelings for you
Which overflow from me.

歪で 歪んだ
恋 そんなの恋じゃないって

ibutsu de yuganda
ai sonna no koi ja nai tte
wakatte ita no da keredo

Twisted, warped ‘love.’
I knew all along
That it wasn’t real love. But still…

ever…for ever
never…for ever
一人きりで 眠れぬ夜
(あなたと一緒に 時間を止めたい)

ever…for ever
(hitori kiri de nemuru no)
never…for ever
(futari dake de nemuru no)
hitori kiri de nemurenu yoru
(hitori kiri ja nai kara)
himitsu no yoru anata e to
(anata to issho ni jikan wo tometai)

Ever… forever…
(I sleep, all alone.)
Never… forever…
(We sleep, just the two of us.)
I am alone at night, and I can’t sleep.
(Because I’m not alone.)
I head for you during this secret night.
(I want to stop time, together with you…)

あなたに あなたに
今 伝えたいこの想いを

anata ni anata ni
ima tsutaetai kono omoi wo
doushite koi to yoberu no?

Why… Why
Are these feelings, which I want to convey to you now,
Called love?

それでも それでも
今 触れているあなたの体温

sore demo sore demo
ima furete iru anata no taion
aa daite nemuri ni tsuku no

Even so… even so…
I feel your warmth now.
Aah… I embrace you and fall asleep.

(ever…for ever…never)
(ever…for ever…never)

(ever…for ever…never)
(ever…for ever…never)

(ever…for ever…never)
(ever…for ever…never)


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