Vocals: 舞花 (Maika)
Lyrics: 舞花 (Maika)
Arranged by: NAGI☆
Album: 東方魔法少女 アルティメット☆れいむ (Eastern Magical Girl: Ultimate☆Reimu) [Official site]
Circle: FELT
Event: C83
Original theme: Reincarnation

Requested by: Mickey Scarletsius


見上げてみて ほらそこには
大きく広がる 世界がキミを待っている

手を伸ばせばすぐ届きそうで でも遠くまっすぐな道
その足で一歩ずつ 歩んできたから

立ち止まってるヒマはない 動き出したんだ
揺るぎない思い 胸に抱きながら
信じた道を 進もう

どんな事だって 変えられる
未来は自分で 自由に描けるんだから

たとえ今は見えなくても いつかきっと見えてくる
今いるこの場所から 少しでも前へ

迷ってる場合じゃない あきらめたくないから
終わることおそれず 新たな始まりを
探す旅に出よう ここから



miagete mite hora soko ni wa
ookiku hirogaru sekai ga kimi wo matte iru

te wo nobaseba sugu todokisou de demo tooku massugu na michi
sono ashi de ippo zutsu ayunde kita kara

tachidomatteru hima wa nai ugokidashita nda
tadotte kita michi no naka de mitsuketa
yurugi nai omoi mune ni daki nagara
shinjita michi wo susumou

donna koto datte kaerareru
mirai wa jibun de jiyuu ni egakeru nda kara

tatoe ima wa mienakutemo itsuka kitto miete kuru
ima iru kono basho kara sukoshi demo mae e

mayotteru baai ja nai akirametakunai kara
me no mae no koto kara nigedasazu ni
owaru koto osorezu arata na hajimari wo
sagasu tabi ni deyou koko kara



Try and look up – over there,
A vast world is waiting for you.

It seemed like my hands would reach if I stretched them out, but the road ahead is so long…
Step by step, I have walked along it.

I have no time to stand around. I started to move.
I found something on the road I travelled along –
I found unshakeable thoughts, and whilst holding them close,
I shall continue down the path I believed in.

Anything can change
Because the future is something you can sketch yourself, freely.

Even if it can’t be seen now, it will surely come into view someday.
I head forwards, just a little, from where I am now.

This is no situation for going astray! I don’t want to give up
So without running away from the things in front of me
And without fearing the end, I will leave here
On a journey to search for a new beginning.



2 responses to “Move”

  1. Runixzan Avatar

    Seems to be a typo in one of the lines:
    “I have to time to stand around. I started to move.”
    Pretty sure it’s supposed to be:
    “I have no time…”


    1. releska Avatar

      All fixed 🙂


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