Vocals: Mie (みぃ)
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: AQ -永久- 【Official Site】
Event: C82
Original Theme: Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator [聖徳伝説 ~ True Administrator]

Requested by: Nanyako

Something about this song made me think “gee, I’d really love to translate some of azuki’s lyrics again…” whilst translating it.

And then I found out that azuki actually wrote the lyrics for this song. I must be developing some sort of 6th sense for this…

Putting that aside, the Toyosats is my favourite Touhou character, so I’m always happy to see more arrangements of her theme. This one is high up on my list of favourites. I took a few grammatical liberties this time – in some spots, I wanted to convey the same thing using less words, so I changed things around a bit.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

心を透かして覗いた 空の青さ

wasurerarenai mono ga ari
oboete itai koto ga aru
kanjou wa dokoka kimagure
are mo kore mo to hoshigaru
toomawari wo shita watashi ni
te wo sashinoberu hito ga ita nda
kokoro wo sukashite nozoita sora no aosa

There are things I cannot forget
And there are things I want to remember.
I felt somewhat whimsy
Wanting this, wanting that…
I had taken a detour,
And somebody stretched a hand out to me.
They looked right through my heart. They were sky-blue.

何処かへ ただ耳を傾けても

dokoka e tada mimi wo katamuketemo
kikoete kuru no wa
mimizawari ga ii kotoba dake ja nakute

Though I just craned my ears somewhere,
Pleasant words
Were the only words I could hear.

思い出混じり 時に悩み
この手の届く距離には ちゃんと聞こえている
どれほど 自分でいれる事が
「今」より「先」の事が 何より大事

omoide majiri toki ni nayami
ichizu na watashi no kotoba mo
kono te no todoku kyori ni wa chanto kikoete iru
dore hodo jibun de ireru koto ga
shiawase nandaka shitteru
“ima” yori “saki” no koto ga nani yori daiji

My memories mix together, and occasionally I worry.
The words of I, who am so single-minded
Can surely be heard within the distance my hands can reach.
I know to what extent being myself
Will make me happy.
Rather than now, the future is more important.

額がぶつかる距離感 近すぎかな?

wasuretakunai mono ga ari
oboe kirenai koto ga aru
kamisama wa itsumo kimagure
nanya kan’ya to hoshigaru
iki isoideru hito-tachi ni
koe wo kakeru watashi ga ita nda
hitai ga butsukaru kyorikan chikasugi ka na?

There are things I don’t want to forget
But there are too many things for me to remember.
God is always fickle,
Wanting one thing or another.
I raised my voice to the people
Who lived their lives fast and recklessly.
We were close enough to butt heads. Is that too close?

少しの 勇気を出してみても

sukoshi no yuuki wo dashite mitemo
kaette kuru no wa
tsugou yosugi na kotoba dake ja nakute

Though I tried to show a little courage,
All that came back
Were selfish words.

感傷浸り 時に迷い
私の胸の中には ちゃんと届いている
いつしか 自分でいれた事を
「誰」より「私」の事 忘れたくない

kanshou hitari toki ni mayoi
ichizu na watashi no omoi mo
watashi no mune no naka ni wa chanto todoite iru
itsu shika jibun de ireta koto wo
hokoreru you ni naritakute
“dare” yori “watashi” no koto wasuretakunai

Soaked in sentimentality, I wander through time.
The feelings of I, who am so earnest,
Are certainly reaching my heart.
One day, I want to be proud
That I lived whilst being myself.
I don’t want to forget myself, more than anyone else.

星が降る そんな世界に

hoshi ga furu sonna sekai ni
watashi wa nani wo naseba ii ndarou
nagareboshi ga kirari

In this world, in which the stars fall,
What should I become?
The shooting stars sparkle.

いつか 答えが見つかったら
この手の届く距離から ちゃんと歩き出せる
どれだけ 自分でいれる事が
信じ続けてく自分らしさが 何より大事

itsuka kotae ga mitsukattara
motto sunao ni nareru kara
kono te no todoku kyori kara chanto aruki daseru
dore dake jibun de ireru koto ga
shiawase nandaka kidzuita
“ima” yori “saki” no koto wo
shinji tsudzuketeku jibunrashisa ga nani yori daiji

If, someday, I find an answer,
I’ll be able to be even more honest
So I’ll walk further away than these hands of mine can reach!
I realised that, no matter how much it may be,
Being oneself is true happiness.
I believe in the future rather than the present,
And being myself is more important than anything else.

後悔しても 後ろ向いても
大事なのは 私でいる事

koukai shitemo ushiro muitemo
sore ga ikiru tte koto desho
daiji na no wa watashi de iru koto

Though I regret, though I look back,
I guess that’s what it means to live.
What’s important is being myself.

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  1. Nunca te di las gracias por traducir la canción , esta canción la escuchaba hace bastante tiempo pero no sabia que decía hasta que te pedí la traducción , gracias por todo :3


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