Album art.

とびだせゐ!伝説の簦職人を夢視て || Leap Out! Dreaming of the Legendary Parasol Artisan

Album art.

tobidase! densetsu no toushokunin wo yume mite
Leap Out! Dreaming of the Legendary Parasol Artisan

Vocals: 蒼-aoi-
Lyrics: 飴野はるつみ (Ameno Harutsumi)
Arranged by: 飴野ヲルカ (Ameno Orca)
Album: 櫻雨キネマトグラフ ~大正壹佰年奇譚~ (Cherry Blossom Rain Cinématographe ~Mystical Tale of A Hundred Years of the Taisho Era~)
Circle: 全自動少女 (Automata Girl)
Event: C83
Original theme: Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever [万年置き傘にご注意を]

Requested by: katsuragirin

It’s Automata Girl, so of course the lyrics are complicated…

But anyway, here’s what I make of this song: Kogasa is an artisan trading during the Edo period. She makes a living selling intricate Japanese parasols (和簦, wagasa, these things are made to keep the sun off you, not the rain). However, there’s a boom in Western-style things, which means that Western umbrellas (蝙蝠, koumori) are now the craze. As a result, Kogasa has to either try making these new cheap umbrellas or change her old parasols to be more ‘fashionable’ (basically, make ‘Western parasols’). She’s not happy about it. In the end, it seems like she’s swept up into a rebellion against Western-styled stuff and the rich elite.

And if that isn’t enough, the word for ‘Western/bat umbrella’ (蝙蝠, koumori) also means ‘traitor.’ So Kogasa is waging war on two fronts – war against Western umbrellas, and war against the ‘traitors’ present in society.

That’s some deep stuff right there.


ひとつ 和簦を粮にして
其處な花屋の御嬢さん 過ぎたる日差は毒さ

然れど皆目向かず 丁稚書生は呆れ顔
売れども立たぬ生計よ あゝ
骨を折つても畳めぬ物 ふたつ

朦朧雲が揺蕩ふ夜には 喰へもせぬ矜持など
棄去つて襟立てちまへれば 樂になれるのかな
情と勇気と和簦が在れば 他に要らなひでせう
打倒西洋気触れ 遣つてやるのさ!

みっつ 舌先で渡れや歩けや
世は畢竟無情さ 掛け金参昧
なれば新生とびだす和簦 蝙蝠和簦も附けりゃ

洋即斬 洋即斬 洋即斬
洋食は 商敵だ 空腹だ

斯くなる上は佰貨店迄 撲込みだ!

破落戸共が氣取りやがつて サアサア御覧じろ
打倒西洋気触れ 遣つてやるのさ
何奴も此奴もてんで雑魚さ 矢張最強和簦チャン
浪漫背負つて壹閃 遣つてやるのさ!


hitotsu wagasa wo kate ni shite
koumori nazonya kamosenu irokaka ga aru darou
soko na hanaya no ojousan sugitaru hirushi wa doku sa
hora maido ari

saredo kaimoku mukazu decchi shosei wa akiregao
uredomo tatanu seikei yo aa
hone wo ottemo tatamenu mono futatsu

bon’yari kumo ga tayutau yo ni wa kue mo senu kyouji nado
sute satte eri tatechimaereba raku ni nareru no kana
rabu to yuuki to wagasa ga areba hoka ni iranai deshou
datou seiyou kabure yatte yaru no sa!
tenka ippin wa tooku

mittsu shitasaki de watare ya aruke ya
yo wa hikyou mujou sa kakekin sanmai
nareba shinsei tobidasu wagasa koumori wagasa mo tsukerya
hora ikkaku senkin

you soku zan you soku zan you soku zan
youshoku wa shouteki da kuufuku da

tada chotto de ii kara mikaeshite yaritai nda
kaku naru ue wa hyakkaten made naguri komi da!

gorotsuki-domo ga kidori yagatte saa saa go-ranjiro
datou seiyou kabure yatte yaru no sa!
tenka wake me no ran
doitsu mo koitsu mo ten de zako sa yahari saikyou wagasa-chan
roman seotte issen yatte yaru no sa!
nan to iwareyou to mo


I have a single parasol by my side for encouragement.
Nothing will come from those Western umbrellas, though I guess they’re charming…
Sunlight is poison for the lady selling flowers over there.
Oh, thank you for your patronage.

This one’s entirely unsuitable for that apprentice houseboy. He’s stunned.
Though I sell them, they’re useless. I make a living. Ah…
I’ve sold two of those things, which can’t be folded up once their frame is broken.

The hazy clouds drift by in the night. Perhaps it’s time
For me to throw that pride of mine away and straighten up. If I do, will I be happy?
As long as I have love, courage, and my parasol, I need nothing else.
Knocking down the West-a-holics? I’m gonna do it!
Perfection is so distant…

Three! The word crosses over, walks over my tongue.
In the end, this world’s just cruel. I have three bills to pay.
The parasol leaps out, reborn. If I add a Western parasol, too…
Hah, I’ll get rich quick with this!

Out with the West! Out with the West! Out with the West!
Western-style food is a rival – it’s starvation!

I want to be on top, even if it’s just for a little while.
Since it’s come to this, I’ll send you flying to the department store!

The rogues are so pretentious! Come, come, take a look.
Knocking down the West-a-holics? I’m gonna do it!
It’s a rebellion against the social hierarchy.
They’re all just commoners. I, the strongest little parasol girl, am as well!
Bearing an adventurous spirit, we shine. We’re gonna do it!
No matter what you say to us.


3 responses to “とびだせゐ!伝説の簦職人を夢視て || Leap Out! Dreaming of the Legendary Parasol Artisan”

  1. katsuragirin Avatar

    Thank a lot! 蒼-aoi- is a amazing singer, doesn’t she?


    1. releska Avatar

      She’s definitely a great singer! One of my favourites, for sure 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Corridor of Phantasm Avatar

    […] とびだせゐ!伝説の簦職人を夢視て || Leap Out! Dreaming of the Legendary Parasol Arti… […]


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