Vocals: 美歌 (Mika)
Lyrics: 美歌 (Mika)
Arranged by: NAGI☆
Album: Sevens Head [Official site]
Circle: FELT
Event: Reitaisai 12 [RTS12]
Original theme: The Fantastic Tales from Tono [遠野幻想物語]

Requested by: Yukari Hoshi

I probably say this all the time, but FELT’s lyrics just feel… comfortable. I guess that’s why it didn’t take me that long to finish this one. Once I start translating a FELT song, I usually can’t stop until it’s done.


駆け巡った 熱い朝が
眠っている 身体揺らす
撫でるような 甘い声に


何度も 越えてた 淡い夜に積もった
君の想い 包んだ 雨が溶かしていく
強まる その手を 休めるよう握る

奏で拭う 黒い曇を

届かないコトバを 胸の中で小さく
唱えていた 通じる 何かが欲しくて

今 寄り添う この腕に詰め込んだ
一途に溢れる 揺るがない 僕の


kakemegutta atsui asa ga
nemutte iru karada yurasu
nageru you na amai koe ni
urunde iku hitomi

sono yubisaki ni komoru
ai ni obore

nando mo koeteta awai yoru ni tsumotta
kimi no omoi tsutsunda ame ga tokashite iku
futo wasureru shunkan ga kowaku natte
tsuyomaru sono te wo yasumeru you nigiru
shizuka ni

kanade nuguu kuroi kumo wo
sono sora kara kesou

todokanai kotoba wo mune no naka de chiisaku
tonaete ita tsuujiru nanika ga hoshikute

ima yorisou kono ude ni tsumekonda
ichizu ni afureru yuruganai boku no
omoi wo


I rushed about during that hot morning
And now I sleep. My body shakes.
Tears well up in my eyes, spurred on by a sweet voice
That seems to brush against me.

I drown in the love that I feel
In your fingertips.

I embraced my feelings for you, which accumulated
During countless nights. The rain began to dissolve them…
I’m scared of the moment when I’ll suddenly forget.
I grow stronger, and I grab your hands so I can give you a rest.

I shall dance through and wipe away the black clouds,
Erasing them from the sky.

In my heart, I softly recited words
That would not reach you. I just wanted to say something to you…

Now, we draw closer together. In my arms,
I squeeze my steady feelings, which overflow







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