Run To You

Run To You

Vocals: Runa
Lyrics: Runa
Composed by: Sota Fujimori
Album: Pop’n Music 16 PARTY OST
Release Date: March 24th, 2008

Requested by: Gachi

I think the second section comes first in the full version.

Also, ‘treelight’ isn’t an official word, but I’ve seen it used to describe ‘sunlight filtering through the trees,’ so I decided to use it instead of that long phrase.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I wake up from my dream, and am greeted by radiant light.
It’s morning, just like usual.
My feelings for you are so strong I cannot contain them.
Today, too, they are unchanging.

I start to walk,
Using the signs of the treelight as my guide.
I am in high spirits
And I can’t stop my racing heart. I run to you.

There’s no way we can convey our feelings
With those smiles we gave each other
But it’s hard to put them into words.
The blue sky spreads out above us.
I’ll accept everything and start running
And then the landscape, flowing past, will seem to sparkle.


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