Album art.


Album art.


Vocals: aoma
Lyrics: m@rk
Arranged by: m@rk
Album: レタレイト (reiterate) [Official site]
Circle: Rephonics
Event: Reitaisai 13 [RTS13]
Original themes: Desire Drive [デザイアドライブ]
Old Yuanxian [古きユアンシェン]

Requested by: katsuragirin

I hadn’t heard of this circle before, but I quite enjoyed this track. It seems to be about Seiga questioning herself + going through the process of becoming immortal.

Also, the katakana album title レタレイト can be romanised as ‘retareito,’ but the bottom of the official site has the word ‘reiterate’ and its definition in Japanese, so I assume that ‘reiterate’ is the intended title of the album.


夢の随に 時は流れて
人の現も 徒と消えてゆく

血になって 流れ出す

見えた永遠掴んで 千切れる願い

河の流れも 枯れて湧き出で
時に遊ぶは 人に非ずや

雲になり 空に舞う

探す道など 最初から


yume no manimani toki wa nagarete
hito no utsutsu mo tada to kiete yuku

negai kasanete
shinabaa no aka wa
chi ni natte nagare dasu

ikura tsumiagetemo fukanzen de
mieta eien tsukande chigireru negai
karada wo sutete shiru michi
tada kurikaesu toi
tatoe nanika wo nakushitemo

kawa no nagare mo karete waki ide
toki ni asobu wa hito ni arazu ya

negai kasanete
maika wa hikaru
kumo ni nari sora ni mau

ikura tsumiagetemo fukanzen de
sagasu michi nado saisho kara
mujun ni michite
karada wo sutete shiru imi
kanashimi kara nigete
kitto kokoro mo nakushita no


At the mercy of my dreams, time flows by.
My human consciousness simply fades away.

My wishes accumulate.
Cinnabar scarlet
Becomes blood and flows away.

No matter how much wisdom I gain, I am incomplete.
I wished to seize eternity, visible before me. That wish is all torn up now.
Knowledge of this path comes after one casts their body away.
I keep asking myself questions
Like, even if I lose something in the process—

The flow of the river withers and gushes forth.
The one who occasionally plays there is human, are they not?

My wishes accumulate.
The mica sparkles.
It becomes a cloud and dances in the sky…

No matter how much wisdom I gain, I am incomplete.
The path I was searching for was, from the start,
Riddled with contradictions.
Knowledge of this meaning comes after one casts their body away.
I run away from my sadness.
I must have gotten rid of my heart, too…






One response to “ascention”

  1. katsuragirin Avatar

    This album can make you fall in love with it immediately, but, as asual, no scans or lyrics of an album from a no reputation circle. Luckily there is a chinese guy that kind enough to upload the album with scans inside the rar file (although it took 5 hours to download, china server sucks) .

    Liked by 1 person

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