Album art.

Desirable Dream

Album art.

Desirable Dream

Vocals: みぃ (Mie)
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: Aki-秋- (Autumn) [Official site]
Event: Kouroumu 12 [K12]
Original theme: Desire Drive [デザイアドライブ

Requested by: Rachel Lee

I’m always ready for more arrangements of Desire Drive! In typical GET IN THE RING style, the lyrics are split into large blocks. It tells a coherent story, though. I might have been a bit loose with the tenses, but I think it flows quite well overall.


Lady Go!! 夜が明けぬように 魔法が解けぬように
拒否権より参加権が 安売りされる時代
今が買い時 迷ったら手を伸ばせ
いつも掴めそうで 届きそうで だけど触れない空を
わかり合えるつもりの他人と 奪い合って
もっと高く もっと早く もっと深いトコまで
君は誰と見る?Desirable Dream

ロマンティックな夜遊びも ゴキゲンな火遊びも
誰かの真似に過ぎず 鏡の中見失う
越えれそうな気がしても またいいトコで邪魔する
ずっと耳塞いで鍵をかけて 見なかったことにしてた
今出会うもう一人の自分と 向かい合って
もう隠さない もう懼れない もう言い訳はしない
君の傍で見る Desirable Dream

still we go
掴めたなら 届いたなら 強く大地を蹴ったなら
目の前には こんなにも広い空があって
もっと高く もっと早く もっと深いトコまで
君は誰と見る?Desirable Dream

Vibes up!
耳澄ませて 鍵を開けて 全力全開のスピードで
とうに振り切り 弾けたテンション まさにclimax
もう止まらない もう離さない もう言葉じゃ足りない
君の傍で見る Desirable Dream


Lady Go!! yo ga akenu you ni mahou ga tokenu you ni
nemuranai machi wo houkou ki ga tsuitara tsuki wa doko?
kyohiken yori sankaken ga yasuuri sareru jidai
ima ga kaidoki mayottara te wo nobase
binkan na kokoro yorou wa koke bakari
gomaka shisou bireta itami ga mau
itsumo tsukamesou de todokisou de dakedo sawarenai sora wo
wakari aeru tsumori no tanin to ubai atte
motto takaku motto hayaku motto fukai toko made
kimi wa dare to miru? Desirable Dream

romantikku na yoasobi mo gokigen na hiasobi mo
dareka no mane ni sugizu kagami no naka miushinau
koeresou na ki ga shitemo mata ii toko de jama suru
koubi ni tsuita joushiki tte yatsu ga itsumo
jitou no nai jimon dake tsumi kasanete
tenbin no katayotta soukoku ni hoeru
zutto mimi fusaide kagi wo kakete minakatta koto ni shiteta
ima deau mou hitori no jibun to mukai atte
mou kakusanai mou osorenai mou iiwake wa shinai
kimi no soba de miru Desirable Dream

zuibun go-kigen naname no Eternity
iki isogu no mo soro soro genkai
still we go
tsukameta nara todoita nara tsuyoku daichi wo ketta nara
me no mae ni wa konna ni mo hiroi sora ga atte
motto takaku motto hayaku motto fukai toko made
kimi wa dare to miru? Desirable Dream

Vibes up!
mimi sumasete kagi wo akete zenryoku zenkai no supiido de
tou ni furikiri hajiketa tenshon masa ni climax
mou tomaranai mou hanasanai mou kotoba ja tarinai
kimi no soba de miru Desirable Dream


Lady, go! So dawn will not break, so the spell will not break…
I wandered about the sleepless city, and I realised that the moon was missing.
In this age, the right of participation has less value than the right of veto
So now’s a good time to buy—if you’re worried, just stretch your hand out!
It was so foolish for me to guard my sensitive heart.
My deceptive pain dances about.
I was always just about to seize, to reach the sky, but I could never touch it.
I struggled for it with someone, though I intended for us to understand each other.
Higher, faster, and deeper…
Who are you having this desirable dream with?

My romantic nightlife and merry flirting
Are nothing but mimicry. I’ve lost sight of what’s in the mirror.
I feel like I’m about to overcome it, but they always interrupt at the worst moment—
Those people whose common sense is stuck to them like glue.
I just keep asking myself questions without answering them
Howling at a rivalry that tipped the scales.
I always blocked my ears, locked the door, and pretended I didn’t see anything.
Now, I’m face-to-face with my other self.
I won’t hide. I won’t be afraid. I won’t make any more excuses.
I’m having a desirable dream next to you.

I spent an eternity feeling cranky
But I’ve hit the wall with this fast life.
Still, we go.
After seizing it, after reaching it, after kicking against the ground with all my might…
Such a wide sky lay before my eyes.
Higher, faster, and deeper…
Who are you having this desirable dream with?

Vibes up!
I’ll listen carefully, unlock the door, and I’ll go at full throttle.
I shook off that tension and fired it off. I’m about to reach my climax!
I can’t stop. I can’t let go. Words aren’t enough anymore.
I’m having a desirable dream next to you.






3 responses to “Desirable Dream”

  1. Desirable Dream || GET IN THE RING | Petalite Yuu Avatar

    […] Desirable Dream Giấc mơ Khát vọng Album: Aki-秋- (Autumn) Circle: GET IN THE RING Arrangement: GCHM Lyrics: GCHM Vocals: Mie (みぃ) Original title: デザイアドライブ (Desire Drive [Stage 4 Theme]) Source: 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires (Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires) Event: Kouroumu 12 English Translation: Releska […]


  2. Shiguri Sensei Avatar

    I see some mistakes in the romaji, perhaps you could check again?


    1. releska Avatar

      Thanks for letting me know about that. The romanisation of the line
      もっと高く もっと早く もっと深いトコまで
      should be all fixed now (^_^)b


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