狭霧の灯火 || The Mist Lamp

sagiri no tomoshibi
The Mist Lamp

Vocals: Mie (みぃ)
Lyrics: Mie (みぃ)
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: Aria 【Official Site】
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original Themes: –Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea [上海紅茶館 ~ Chinese Tea]
Locked Girl ~ The Girl’s Secret Room [ラクトガール ~ 少女密室]
Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial [月時計 ~ ルナ・ダイアル]
Septette for the Dead Princess [亡き王女の為のセプテット]
U.N. Owen was Her? [U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?]

Requested by: Xeromic

I just want to take a moment to appreciate how effortlessly GCHM mashes themes together. Often, you can’t tell where one theme ends and another begins, which I think is what a strong mashup needs to do.

始まりなんて きっと誰も覚えてないわ
運命? そんなものじゃない

hajimari nante kitto dare mo oboetenai wa
unmei? sonna mono ja nai

Surely nobody remembers how things began.
Fate? It wasn’t that.

温もり探して 辿り着いたの 昼も夜もない(深い霧の向こう)
紅の魔法 幻想の闇を求めて

nukumori sagashite tadori tsuita no hiru mo yoru mo nai (fukai kiri no mukou)
kurenai no mahou gensou no yami wo motomete

I arrived here searching for warmth. Day and night do not exist here (beyond the thick fog).
I pursued scarlet magic and illusory darkness.

正しいことほど 嘘でいっぱい
そんな日常 刺激的じゃない?
So break your mind 後悔は捨て去ってさ

tadashii koto hodo uso de ippai
sonna nichijou shigeki-teki ja nai?
So break your mind koukai wa sute satte sa

There are as many lies as there are truths.
Isn’t it stimulating, living like this?
So break your mind. Cast away your regrets.

その手を取って 惹かれ合うなら
永遠に踊ろう 月が照らす幻
その瞳に映る すべてがここにはある
消えない 狭霧の灯火

sono te wo totte hikare au nara
eien ni odorou tsuki ga terasu maboroshi
sono me ni utsuru subete ga koko ni wa aru
kienai sagiri no tomoshibi

If we are to take hands and be attracted to each other,
Then let’s dance forever here inside this moonlit fantasy.
Everything you can see is right here.
The mist lamp will not go out.

しがらみさえも 出逢う軌跡 愛おしいから
繋がる 涙の色

shigarami sae mo deau kiseki itooshii kara
tsunagaru namida no iro

Even our bonds are a trace of our meetings. You are so dear to me
So we are connected by the colour of tears.

当たり前にただ あるべきものを受け止めるたび(笑顔がちらついて)
悲しみの嘘を 溶かした言葉を探して

atarimae ni tada aru beki mono wo uke tomeru tabi (egao ga chira tsuite)
kanashimi no uso wo tokashita kotoba wo sagashite

Each time I accept things that must be (I smile, for only an instant.)
I search for the words that melted the lie of sadness.

「今宵は星影 見えるかしら」
そんな空言 意味もないくせに
Just break my mind 寂しさだけじゃ足りない

“koyoi wa hoshikage mieru kashira”
sonna soragoto imi mo nai kuse ni
Just break my mind sabishisa dake ja tarinai

“I suppose we can see the starlight tonight…”
Hah. There was no meaning in such a lie.
Just break my mind. Loneliness alone is not enough!

この身を捧げ 奪い合うなら
永遠に誓おう 甘い香りは刹那
この想いなら すべてをさらけ出して
失くせない 夢の一つ火

kono mi wo sasage ubai au nara
eien ni chikaou amai kaori wa setsuna
kono omoi nara subete wo sarake dashite
nakusenai yume no hitotsu-bi

If we are to offer ourselves up and fight each other,
Then let’s swear an oath for eternity. This sweet scent is fleeting.
If my feelings are true, then I’ll lay everything bare!
I can’t lose the single flame of my dreams.

掴んでも(零れてく) 届いても(逃げる)
視界の先 ぼやけてはまた揺れる思い出達
気付いてた(大切な) もう離さない(きずな)
強さ見つけた 今なら

tsukandemo (koboreteku) todoitemo (nigeru)
shikai no saki boyakete wa mata yureru omoide-tachi
kidzuiteta (taisetsu na) mou hanasanai (kizuna)
tsuyosa mitsuketa ima nara

Though I grasp them, (they spill out). Though I reach them (they escape)
My memories are hazy and unstable at the edge of my line of sight.
I noticed (something important) that I won’t let go of again (—our bond)
And now that I’ve found my strength—

ただ 真実だけを導いて
あの日見たもの 妖の華
永遠に味わう 紅と緋色の宴
あの日願った すべてがここにはある
消えない 狭霧の灯火

rikai shite hoshii wake ja nakute
kyoukan mo doujou mo iranai no
tada shinjitsu dake wo michibiite
ano hi mita mono ayakashi no hana
eien ni ajiwau aka to hiiro no utage
ano hi negatta subete ga koko ni wa aru
kienai sagiri no tomoshibi

I don’t want you to understand me.
I don’t need your sympathy or pity either.
I just want to figure out the truth.
I saw a bewitching flower that day.
I will relish this banquet of scarlet and crimson forever.
Everything I wished for that day is right here.
The mist lamp will not go out.


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