Album art.


Album art.


Vocals: mineko
Lyrics: aoma
Arranged by: 松井庸 (Yo Matsui)
Album: PARTICLE [Official site]
Circle: minimum electric design
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original theme: Kid’s Festival ~ Innocent Treasures [童祭 ~ Innocent Treasures]

Requested by: Vespere


陽が落ちる 夢の夜

灯は落ちる 夢帯びる
星だけが空を舞い踊り いつか散る
それを知るぼくら 共犯だ

不意に刺す 声を聞く

きみが指す 指を追う

壊れて 倒れて
崩れて 崩れて
全てはこのまま = になるだけ?



『全てはこのまま = になるの』

ひたすら「   」と言う
手を伸ばす先にある姿 透明だ

目を開く 意味もなく 笑う

それを知る だけど待つ



hi ga ochiru yume no yoru
hikari wa kira kira mai ochiru
kimi to matsu mune kogasu yoru wa toumei da

hi wa ochiru yume obiru
hoshi dake ga sora wo mai odori itsuka chiru
sore wo shiru bokura kyouhan da

fui ni sasu koe wo kiku
saki wo yuku kimi ga furi kaeru
shibori dasu yobidomeru koe no kyoumei wa

kimi ga sasu yubi wo ou
sabishige ni kimi wa naite ite
soshite miru
ikidomaru saki no koukei wa…

kowarete taorete
kuzurete kuzurete
subete wa kono mama hitotsu ni naru dake?

“naoshite, modoshite”

kuzushite, kuzushite

“subete wa kono mama hitotsu ni naru no”

hi ga ochiru yume wo miru
hitasura “sore demo ii” to iu
te wo nobasu saki ni aru sugata toumei da

kimi no miru yume wo miru
ima sara subete no imi wo shiru
me wo hiraku imi mo naku warau
mou ii sa

boku wa tada kurikaesu
kono mama subete wa hai ni naru
sore wo shiru dakedo matsu
boku wa kokkei da

kimi ga iru yume wo miru
mune kogasu yoru no joukei wo
ima mo tada kurikaesu
sore ga shoumei da


The sun sets, beckoning a night of dreams.
Lights sparkle and dance down.
I wait with you. The night that I yearn for is transparent.

The lights fall, tinged with dreams.
Only stars dance through the sky. They will scatter someday.
We know that, so we are complicit.

I hear a voice, suddenly piercing through.
From in front of me, you turn back.
The resonance of your thin voice, calling me to a halt—

You point. I look.
You cry, seeming lonely.
And I see it:
A scene in which the lights have gone out.

Breaking. Collapsing.
Crumbling. Crumbling away…
Will everything, like this, just become one?

“Fix it. Restore it.”

Destroy it. Destroy it.

“Like this, everything will become one.”

The sun sets, and I dream.
All I have to say is “That’s fine, too.” (1)
The figure I reach out toward… is invisible.

I’m having the same dream as you.
And finally, I know the meaning of everything.
I open my eyes and laugh for no reason.
I don’t care anymore.

I just keep repeating the same things.
Like this, everything will become zero. (2)
I know that, but I wait.
I’m so funny.

I have a dream. You’re there.
I look upon the night scene that I yearned for.
It still repeats, even now.
That’s proof.

Translator’s notes

(1) The quoted section is blank in the album’s booklet. The romanisation + translation is based on what is sung.

(2) 灰 (hai, ash) is sung instead of zero (‘0’)






2 responses to “miscalc”

  1. wah Avatar

    Love this song a lot, thank you for the translation!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! It’s a terrific song


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