Album art.

エクスデウス || Ex Deus

Album art.

ekusu deusu
Ex Deus

Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Composed by: RD-Sounds
Album: ミソロジア (Mythologia) [Official site]
Circle: Feuille-Morte
Event: M3-2015 Autumn

Requested by: Himawan Pramudya

This ended up being a very thought-provoking song, as is the norm from RD. I’ll keep my description light to avoid spoilers, but I decided to distinguish between the ‘royal’ We and the ‘regular’ we. This links to my interpretation of the song – I think the narration passes between humans (using We and Our, etc) and the God (or Gods) they deposed (using the uncapitalised versions).

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

After a long, long time
You touched a multitude of taboos
And your spirit lost itself, becoming symbols. (1)

You keep things away
That once threatened humans.
“We will no longer be destroyed.”

Now that We have erased the darkness of the unknown
How does the world stretched out before Our eyes look?
How much of its colours have been lost?

We became
Deus Ex (2)
And then We unveiled all. But…

Because of this,
Never again will We strain our ears
And hear the voice of Ex Deus. (3)

We have already erased that fragment of darkness, too…

There is nothing you cannot comprehend.
You, who expose all unknown things
And stand atop the corpses of those myths.

Our potential
Lies in challenging the unknown.
Is that not what Our progress has become?

Now that We have erased the darkness of the unknown,
What should We do?
Ah… now, at last,
How much do We regret the loss of those colours?

If We have been completed
And We have become omnipotent,
Then will We birth something more?

“Answer us!”
“What is the meaning of your existence?” Asked thus,
They were left behind.

We sought to expose even that final myth…

Like this, we embrace each other
And even if they search
For something they do not know in our mutual existence…

Having done so,

They cannot not leave the things they do not know as they are.
Thus, we will become one.

Surely, nothing but ‘the self’ must exist then.

…Ah. It is silent.
Nothing is left here anymore.
Not even fear or hope.

They embrace the end.
Here, their progress will halt.

No longer unexposed,
They will become but a shadow, having exposed all.

And then, in the darkness,
They will become the myth of something else…

Translator’s notes

(1) 精神 (seishin, spirit) is written, but こころ (kokoro, heart/spirit) is sung.

(2) The Japanese translation (機械仕掛けの神, kikai jikake no kami, God from the machine) is sung instead of the Latin term Deus Ex.

(3) The Japanese translation (神だったもの, kami datta mono, former God) is sung instead of the Latin term Ex Deus.






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