Sweet End

Album art.
Album art.

Sweet End

Vocals: 綾倉盟 (Mei Ayakura)
Lyrics: あおまふ (Aomafu)
Arranged by: 沖林仁之介 (Jinnosuke Okibayashi)
Album: recollection [Official site]
Event: Reitaisai 10 [RTS10]
Original theme: Starry Sky of Small Desires [小さな欲望の星空]

Requested by: Stella Mira

I’ve always thought that this is one of the best stage 6 themes out there, and I love how this arrangement doesn’t mess with the original too much, but emphasises all the good things about it.

Lyrics-wise, some words are emphasised in quotation marks (「」). These words are underlined in the translation.


それはもっと聴かせて ほら
「理想」?そんなもの 私の 永遠よ

「何処」に ある の?

運命(さだめ)なら そこに見える
いま必要なの それが視える

咲き誇る この身ならば
ただの「戯れ」よ いずれ終わる

運命なら そこに見える
いま必要なの それが視える


yokei na o-shaberi
sonna mono wa ‘i’ranai wa
ochi yuku ‘yokubou’
sore wa motto kikasete hora
kitai shinasai
‘nozomi’ ga miete kuru desho?
‘risou’? sonna mono watashi no eien yo

dokoka ni ‘wasu’reta
michi shirube bakari tsunde
mogaita kiseki wo
ibitsu ni ‘kasane’ru dake
‘hazure’te bakari
sore demo izure wa wakaru
taisetsu na kimochi
‘doko’ ni aru no?

sadame nara soko ni mieru
ima hitsuyou nano sore ga mieru

sakihokoru kono mi naraba
tada no ‘tawamure’ yo izure owaru

sadame nara soko ni mieru
ima hitsuyou nano sore ga mieru


You talk too much.
I don’t need that!
Desires die away…
Tell me more, come on!
Keep your expectations high.
Your hopes are in sight now, right?
Ideals? Such things are my eternity.

I forgot about it somewhere
And I only acquire signposts.
Writhing miracles
Just accumulate irregularly.
I keep missing the mark
But sooner or later I’ll understand
These precious feelings.
Where are they?

Fate is visible over there.
I need it now. I can see it.

If I am in full bloom,
Then these simple games will end soon!

Fate is visible over there.
I need it now. I can see it.

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