Frozen Glass

jacket_imageFrozen Glass

Vocals: Show Ikeda (池田 奨)
Lyrics: Taka (鷹)
Arranged by: Taka (鷹)
Album: Sacrament of Memory (追憶のサクラメント) 【Official Site】
Event: C91
Original Theme: Lunate Elf [ルーネイトエルフ]

Requested by: Stella Mira

今 夜の帳が地を覆い

hi wa shizuka ni kumo wo oikoshite
sotto sora no hate e to ochite yuku
ima yoru no tobari ga chi wo ooi
kono sekai wo nuritsubushite yuku

The sun silently passes by the clouds
and gently sets toward the edge of the sky.
Now, a veil of darkness covers the land.
It paints over the world.

夢 それだけを見続けていた

tada bokura wa owaru koto no nai
yume sore dake wo mitsudzukete ita
ima sore wa shizuka ni maku wo toji
kitto tsugi no butai wo matte iru

We just gaze long at our dreams,
Our endless dreams…
Now, that silently comes to an end.
We must be waiting for the next scene…

果てなき闇 虚空の夢

koori tsuita garasu no sora
hikari sae saegirare
hate naki yami kokuu no yume
keshiki wa ima kuzure yuku

In the frozen glass sky,
Even light is blocked.
Endless darkness. Empty dreams.
The landscape now crumbles away.


sora takaku mau shimo no kakera wo
sotto te no hira de sukui atsumeyou
ima arata ni tokihanatsu mono wa
kitto asu saku hana to naru darou

Let’s scoop up frost fragments
dancing high in the sky.
The things now released anew
will surely become blooming flowers tomorrow.

凍える雲 震える空

kogoeru kumo furueru sora
toiki sae kasumi-iro
hyoutenka no kono sekai ni
futatabi hi ga tomoru made

Frozen clouds. A quivering sky.
Even my breaths are hazy.
In this world, cold below freezing,
I will wait until it is lit by the sun again.

4 thoughts on “Frozen Glass

    • ycdtosa February 20, 2018 / 2:25 pm

      Just a reminder in case you missed this comment due to your internet being out for so long.

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      • releska February 20, 2018 / 7:13 pm

        Thanks for the reminder! I mustn’t have seen your comment the first time because I normally like all comments on sight and that one wasn’t liked. Sorry about that m(_ _)m

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