Vocals: 提娘 (Ti Niang)
Lyrics: 幻想旅人 (Gensou Tabibito)
Arranged by: hanachan
Album: Suture:
Circle: 赤音羽 (Akanebane)
Event: C91
Original Themes: Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye [少女さとり ~ 3rd eye]
Hartmann’s Youkai Girl [ハルトマンの妖怪少女]


none Vocals: Murasaki Hotaru (紫咲ほたる)Lyrics: kaito (海兎)Arranged by: TracyAlbum: Innocent Affection 【Official Site】Circle: 556mmEvent: C91Original Theme: Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being [神話幻想 ~ Infinite Being] Requested by: Juce Guildez I don’t normally do this, but two lines have been bolded. I suspect that the lyrics source isn’t based on the official lyrics, but I don’t have firm… Continue reading none

Face to Face

Face to Face Vocals: みぃ (Mie)Lyrics: JellArranged by: GCHMAlbum: Touhou PARTYBOX 3  【Official Site】Circle: GET IN THE RINGPublished by: MelonbooksEvent: C91Original Theme: Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare [無間の鐘 ~ Infinite Nightmare] Requested by: Juce Guildez 遠く高く伸ばした手の行き先など、誰にも分からない tooku takaku nobashita te no yukisaki nado, dare nimo wakaranai Nobody knows where their hands, which reach high into the… Continue reading Face to Face

夢の如く出現した私 || I, Who Appeared like a Dream

夢の如く出現した私yume no gotoku shutsugen shita watashiI, Who Appeared like a Dream Vocals: 提娘 (Ti Niang) Lyrics: 幻想旅人 (Gensou Tabibito)Arranged by: hanachanAlbum: Suture:Circle: Akanebane (赤音羽)Event: C91Original Theme: A Maiden’s Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy [少女幻葬 ~ Necro-Fantasy] Requested by: mr.deagle This track continues the tradition of lyricists writing one thing, and then having the vocalist sing something… Continue reading 夢の如く出現した私 || I, Who Appeared like a Dream

星を飛び越えて || Leap Over the Stars

星を飛び越えて hoshi wo tobikoete Leap Over the Stars Vocals: lily-an Lyrics: Seiji (青時) Arranged by: kaztora Album: Secret Pavilion (ヒミツパビリオン) 【Official Site】 Circle: Liz Triangle Event: C91 Original Theme: Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy [大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy] Requested by: Spoondere (非公式の)英訳だけです。申し訳ありません。 The interesting thing about this track is that it seems to be sung from the perspective… Continue reading 星を飛び越えて || Leap Over the Stars

幻夢 || Dreams

幻夢 genmu Dreams Vocals: Odorin Lyrics: 叉伊姫の歌謡 Arranged by: hanachan Album: Suture: Circle: Akanebane (赤音羽) Event: C91 Original Theme: Eternal Spring Dream [永遠の春夢] Requested by: BaneBlade If I had to describe this track in a single word, I’d say it’s… ethereal. It feels like there’s 2 Doremys, but that may not necessarily be the case.… Continue reading 幻夢 || Dreams


MISTLAKE LOVE Vocals: 709sec. Lyrics: Blue E Arranged by: 709sec. Album: Mind Reverser 【Official Site】 Circle: SOUND HOLIC Event: C91 Original Themes: –Mist Lake [ミストレイク] -Mermaid from the Uncharted Land [秘境のマーメイド] Requested by: Runixzan 月灯り照らす夜に聞こえたメロディー どこかしら懐かしい響きの歌さ Ah tsukiakari terasu yoru ni kikoeta merodii doko kashira natsukashii hibiki no uta sa Ah I heard a melody in the moonlit… Continue reading MISTLAKE LOVE

Frozen Glass

Frozen Glass Vocals: Show Ikeda (池田 奨) Lyrics: Taka (鷹) Arranged by: Taka (鷹) Album: Sacrament of Memory (追憶のサクラメント) 【Official Site】 Circle: CROW’SCLAW Event: C91 Original Theme: Lunate Elf [ルーネイトエルフ] Requested by: Stella Mira 日は静かに雲を追い越して そっと空の果てへと落ちてゆく 今 夜の帳が地を覆い この世界を塗り潰してゆく hi wa shizuka ni kumo wo oikoshite sotto sora no hate e to ochite yuku ima yoru no tobari ga… Continue reading Frozen Glass

I don’t wanna say “It’s too late”

I don’t wanna say “It’s too late” Vocals: Cherose Lyrics: Satoshi Kuroiwa (黒岩サトシ) Arranged by: K2 Album: HAKUROU (白瓏 -HAKUROU-) 【Official Site】 Circle: C-CLAYS Event: C91 Original Theme: Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World [懐かしき東方の血 〜 Old World] Requested by: Kaii Schwartz It’s never too late…! The chorus seemed a bit curious to start off with,… Continue reading I don’t wanna say “It’s too late”