Album art.


Album art.


Vocals: 紫咲ほたる (Murasaki Hotaru)
Lyrics: 海兎 (kaito)
Arranged by: Tracy
Album: Innocent Affection [Official site]
Circle: 556mm
Event: C91
Original theme: Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being [神話幻想 ~ Infinite Being]

Requested by: Juce Guildez

I don’t normally do this, but two lines have been bolded. I suspect that the lyrics source isn’t based on the official lyrics, but I don’t have firm proof. I couldn’t make heads or tails of the two lines I bolded, so please bear that in mind. I can’t guarantee the accuracy of those lines since they’re so weird.


君の ことを 知りたいよう
どんな ふうに 生きてきたのかと
僕は なにも 知らなくて
朝も 夜もどない世界で

愛するということが 大切なことだと
いつになれば 僕にもそれがわかるのかな
お 広い広い世界で 君しか知らなくて
僕はなむなのだのを なにがをもとめてた

君は なにを みているの
朝も 夜も なくした世界
夢に踊ることが 必要なことだと
どんなぼくにぼくでも それがわかるのかな
今見ていうとな世界が そらしきいのかされも
僕はまだ知らなくて なにがをさがしてた


kimi no koto o shiritai you
donna fuu ni ikite kita no ka to
boku wa nani mo shiranakute
asa mo yoru mo donai sekai de

ai suru to iu koto ga taisetsu na koto da to
itsu ni nareba boku ni mo sore ga wakaru no kana
o hiroi hiroi sekai de kimi shika shiranakute
boku wa namu nano da no o nani ga o motometeta

kimi wa nani o mite iru no
asa mo yoru mo nakushita sekai
yoru ni odoru koto ga hitsuyou na koto da to
donna boku ni boku demo sore ga wakaru no kana
ima mite iu to na sekai ga sorashikii no kasare mo
boku wa mada shiranakute naniga o sagashiteta


I want to know more about you
like how you’ve lived your life until now.
I don’t know anything
about morning, night, or the world I’m in.

They say loving things is important.
When will I understand that, too?
Oh… In this vast, vast world, all I know is you.
I searched for something, for my absent name.

What are you looking at
in a world that has lost both day and night?
They say it’s necessary to dance in dreams.
What kind of person will I need to be to understand that?
The world I gaze upon is full of things left behind.
I didn’t know yet, so I searched for something.



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