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Album art.

閉塞ディペンデンス || Dependence on Closure

Album art.

heisoku dipendensu
Dependence on Closure 

Vocals: 美里 (Misato)
Lyrics: MAKI
Arranged by: 五条下位 (Gojou Kai)
Album: HEART CHAIN [Official site]
Circle: SYNC.ART’S
Event: Reitaisai 6 [RTS6]
Original theme: Heartfelt Fancy [ハートフェルトファンシー]

Requested by: Vengeance

In this case, ‘closure’ might refer to closing one’s eyes.


昏い眠りを愛でる ああ我が主は今何を夢見てる
この長い廊下 闇に飲まれたままの 歪な平行線

魂 肉体 融け合って

感じられない この意識その虚空の 境界

深く大きな孔の 淵に寄り添いそして右手を差し出す
頬を灼く程の 焔のような熱い吐息を漏らして

堕ちて 踊れ 何時までも

誰も皆が 享楽の 後悔と懺悔よ
その 閉じた瞳に縋りつくの

私達のこの総て 有りの儘映して
嗚呼 眠りから醒め受け止めてよ


kurai nemuri wo mederu aa waga aruji wa ima nani wo yume miteru
kono nagai rouka yami ni nomareta mama no ibitsu na heikousen

kokoro karada tokeatte

kanjirarenai kono ishiki sono kokuu no kyoukai
kuroi shizuku de nodo wo uruoshite yo

fukaku ooki na ana no fuchi ni yorisoi soshite migite wo sashidasu
hoho wo yaku hodo no honoo no you na atsui toiki wo morashite

ochite odore itsu made mo

dare mo mina ga kyouraku no koukai to sange yo
sono tojita hitomi ni sugari tsuku no

watashi-tachi no kono subete ari no mama utsushite
aa nemuri kara same uketomete yo


I love dark sleep. Ah… My master, what are you dreaming of now?
This long corridor remains engulfed in darkness. It’s a distorted parallel line.

My spirit and my body melt together.

I can’t feel the boundary between my consciousness and emptiness.
I quench my thirst with dark droplets.

I draw close to a deep, dark hole and stretch out my right arm.
I let out a flame-like sigh, so hot it could scorch my cheeks.

Fall, and dance forever…

Everyone enjoys regret and repentance.
They depend on the darkness beneath their closed eyes.

Everything about us is reflected, just the way it is.
Ah… wake up and catch me.






One response to “閉塞ディペンデンス || Dependence on Closure”

  1. Vengeance Avatar

    Cool, fits the song quite well! Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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