春の魔法 || Magic of Spring

haru no mahou
Magic of Spring

Vocals: IA
Composed by: *Luna
Album: Magic of Youth (春の魔法) 【Official Site】
Circle: *Luna
Release Date: 30/04/2017

Requested by: Pinkgirl234
Watch the official PV here!


ookiku suikonda
irozuita kuuki o
te no hira no hanabira mitsume

I took a deep breath
Of the ripe air.
I looked at the petals in my palm
and tightly grasped them.


haki narete inai kutsu de
pedaru o fumi nagara
atarashii keshiki o nagame
nantonaku sagashiteta

While putting my foot on my bike’s pedal
in shoes I’m not used to wearing,
I gazed upon a new landscape.
For some reason or another, I was searching…


kyou kurai wa shinjite ii kana
jibun ni iikikasete

I suppose it’s okay for me to believe in spring’s magic for today, at least…
That’s what I tell myself.

あぁ 君に会いたい季節だ
全て 全て 託して

aa kimi ni aitai kisetsu da
hakonde kure boku no awai mebae o
hitohira no hanabira ni
subete subete takushite

Ah… it’s the season in which I want to see you.
Please, carry my fleeting buds…
Into a single petal
I entrusted everything. Everything.

あぁ 君を見つけた奇跡だ
全て 奪って

aa kimi o mitsuketa kiseki da
kitto kore wa haru no mahou no sei da
itosuji no koigokoro
subete ubatte

Ah… I found you—it’s a miracle.
It must be because of the magic of spring.
My earnest love
steals everything away.


hakanaku yureteru kimi no
sukitootta hitomi ga
boku no kakushi kirenai kokoro o
minuku you de

Your transparent eyes,
Wavering fickly,
Seem to see right through
my heart, which I cannot completely hide.


gikochinai ashidori de
koumon o kugurinuke
itsumo to onaji jikan
mata kyou mo sagashiteta

With an awkward gait
I passed through the school gate.
It was the same time as always.
I searched today, once more.


asu kurai wa tayotte ii kana
jibun ni iikikasete

I suppose it’s okay for me to rely on spring’s magic tomorrow, at least…
That’s what I tell myself.

あぁ 君に惹かれた季節だ
全て 全て 流して

aa kimi ni hikareta kisetsu da
hirotte kure boku no moroi yuuki o
hitotsubu no asatsuyu ni
subete subete nagashite

Ah, it’s the season in which I was attracted to you.
Please, gather up my fragile courage.
In a single drop of morning dew,
Everything, everything washes away.

あぁ 君が笑えば奇跡だ
全て 攫って

aa kimi ga waraeba kiseki da
kitto kore wa haru no mahou no sei da
hitokoto no jumon de
subete saratte

Ah… When you smile, it’s a miracle.
It must be because of the magic of spring.
Through just a single spell,
It steals everything away.


aruki dasu senaka
mittsume no magarikado made
oikosenai de iru
kinou o fumikoete
mune no kodou o osaete
haru kaze ni notte kimi e

I see your back as you walk.
I don’t pass you until we reach
the third corner.
I overcome yesterday
and gain control of my pulse.
Going with the spring breeze, I run
towards you.

さぁ 次第に浮かんだ軌跡に
強く 強く 胸に

saa shidai ni ukanda kiseki ni
sotto somete haruiro no koi moyou
hitotsu dake no kotae o
tsuyoku tsuyoku mune ni

Now, I’m gently dyed a spring-coloured pattern of love
by those traces, which rose to the surface one by one.
I hold a single answer
tightly, tightly to my chest.

あぁ 春の魔法よ、ねぇどうか
繋いでくれ 僕と君の心
君へ 飛んでけ

aa haru no mahou yo, nee douka
tsunaide kure boku to kimi no kokoro
hitohira no hanabira
kimi e tondeke

Ah… I beg for the magic of spring to please, oh please,
Tie your heart and mine together.
A single flower petal
will fly to you.


  1. Luna has closed captioning open on their videos and anyone can edit the captions and add their own translations. If you are interested, you could add your own translation to the official upload!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That would be cool! At the same time, though, it’s probably best if I don’t put them up there and have them confused as an official translation. I tend to be pretty bad at self-promotion >_>


      1. I think most people on Youtube probably understand that captions usually are done by other viewers. I’ve seen a lot of fan made translations as the captions. I understand if you’re not comfortable putting it up though!


  2. Thank you something for translating this song! ^.^

    Just a few questions:
    1. How do you think are your translation skills so far? Do you feel as if you have improved more?
    2. Have you already created a list of VOCALOID producers whom you have asked permission or granted you permission to translate any of their songs?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome (^_^) In regards to your questions:
      1. I feel like, as I’ve translated more stuff, I’ve become better at interpreting things and reading between the lines, though I still think I have quite a way to go. Even though I had already been studying Japanese for about 9 years when I started my blog, I didn’t have much experience dealing with Japanese outside of textbooks/manga. In that sense, my improvement has been more ‘sideways’ than ‘upwards’. [If you’re interested, my very first translation is here: https://releska.wordpress.com/tag/doppel-track/?order=asc%5D
      There are some lyrics that I still struggle with. On the Vocaloid side we have Masa, and on the Touhou side we have RD-Sounds (from Diao ye zong). If you looked at those in isolation you’d probably think differently about my level of experience (^_^);

      2. I began asking vocaloid producers the other day, starting with Masa who kindly gave me permission. I’ve rolled it together with my regular permissions list, so feel free to check out that page and watch it grow. It can be a time-consuming process, and it’s difficult to get permission from everyone since some producers don’t answer, but I have a target of 70% of translations covered as a minimum that I’d like to meet.


      1. Wanna know something?

        It’s a good thing you have a site like this one to host your translations. Other translators I know mostly just rely on their YouTube channels to host their translations, which is dangerous, because if they don’t seek the permission from the producers of the songs they translate, they will be much more subject to receiving copyright strikes from producers who strictly forbid having any of their songs translated without their permission or strictly forbid reprints of any of their songs. :/

        P.S. – Do you have an account on Discord?


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