カラフル・パステル || Colourful Pastel

karafuru pasuteru
Colourful Pastel

Vocals: Yuzuki Yukari, Yokomin
Lyrics: Yokomin
Composed by: Yokomin
Release Date: August 5, 2016

Requested by: Pinkgirl234
Watch the official PV here!

This was another tough song to interpret. The thing that makes this one so hard is the inconsistent use of the word ‘I.’ You’ve got 僕 (boku – masculine ‘I’), which is indicated in blue, and you’ve got 私 (watashi – feminine yet mostly gender neutral ‘I’), which is indicated in red. Uncoloured ones aren’t specifically mentioned in the original lyrics. What could this mean? Perhaps this song is actually told from two different perspectives…

幼い頃交わした 約束を覚えてるかな?
僕が線を描いて 私が色を塗る事が

osanai koro kawashita yakusoku o oboeteru kana?
me o somuketeta koto datta
boku ga sen o kaite watashi ga iro o nuru koto ga
tanoshikatta to omotte ita hazu ga

Do you remember the promise we made when we were young?
I’ve been avoiding it.
I drew a line and I painted.
It was supposed to be a fun memory, but…

今をがむしゃらに 描いていくんだ

itsumo doori no koto ga dekinaku natte
ima o dou egaite ii ka mo wakaranaku
subete kowarete shimatta nichijou ni wa
nurikaerenai kara
ima o gamushara ni egaite ikun da

I can no longer do the usual things.
I don’t know how to paint things now.
Everything has been destroyed in my daily life.
I can’t repaint it
so now I’m going to paint things recklessly.


karafuru karafuru pasuteru
kimi to sekai o tsunagu iro ni naru
dou nureba ii kana?
anata no suki na you ni egaite mite

Colourful, colourful pastel.
These colours will connect you and the world.
How should I paint it?
I’ll try and paint in a style you like.


karafuru karafuru pasuteru
kimi wa sekai o sukuu iro ni naru
mou modorenakute mo
kono te ga ugoku kagiri egaiteku

Colourful, colourful pastel.
You will become a colour that will save the world.
Even if I can’t get you back,
I’ll paint for as long as my hands can move.

Right now
My colors lost in my head
You say
But now

Right now
iro o ushinatta boku
My colors lost in my head
tomattecha dame da yo mada
But now
anata nara daijoubu dakara

Right now,
I had lost my colours.
My colours lost in my head.
You say
“You can’t stop just yet!”
But now…
You’ll be fine.

色褪せない この不思議なパステル
幼い頃交わした 約束果たせなくて
目を閉じてた 今開く時なんだね

ironna iro o kimi wa motte ita ne
iro asenai kono fushigi na pasuteru
osanai koro kawashita yakusoku hatasenakute
me o tojiteta ima hiraku toki nan da ne

You had a lot of colours, didn’t you?
These wonderful pastels don’t fade.
I couldn’t fulfil the promise we made when we were kids
and my eyes were closed. Now, it’s time for me to open them…

線を書いて 線をなぞって
さぁ 僕が気づいたこの答えを

sen o kaite sen o nazotte
watashi wa kono iro o mamotte ikun da ne
saa boku ga kizuita kono kotae o
ichi mai no kaiga ni kaki tsuzuke
“koko wa aka de, soko wa ao de”
kanojo no koe ga kikoeta ki ga shita

I draw a line. I trace along a line.
I’m going to protect these colours!
Well, I realised the answer
and I’ll continue to draw my picture.
“Colour this area red, and that area blue.”
I felt like I could hear her voice.


karafuru karafuru pasuteru
kimi to sekai o tsunagu iro ni naru
kou nureba ii nda ne?
anata no suki na you ni egaite mite

Colourful, colourful pastel.
These colours will connect you and the world.
It’s fine to paint it like this, right?
I’ll try and paint in a style you like.


karafuru karafuru pasuteru
kimi to sekai o sukuu iro ni naru
mou tomaranai kara
dakara mou daijoubu dakara

Colourful, colourful pastel.
These colours will save you and the world.
I can’t stop anymore
so things will be fine.


watashi no naka no kotae o
kono pasuteru de egakitsuzuke
boku ga egaita kono kotae o
anata ni misetakatta kedo
kore kara mo zutto soba de
mimamotte kureru no kana?
sekai de tatta hitotsu dake no
sonzai o koko ni egaku yo

I’ll continue to draw
the answer inside me with these pastels.
I wanted to show you
the answer I drew,
But I wonder if you’ll be there by my side
protecting me from now on?
I’ll draw you, unique in this whole world,
Right here.

4 thoughts on “カラフル・パステル || Colourful Pastel

  1. Pinkgirl234 May 21, 2018 / 12:42 am

    Thank you thank you thank you sooo much for finally translating this song! ^^

    What do you personally think of the song?

    Liked by 2 people

    • releska May 21, 2018 / 8:45 pm

      I’m sorry it took me so long T_T
      I really enjoyed this song! I thought the lyrics were quite moving, since I think it’s about a guy who lost the one he loved. I understand why they put the ‘screaming’ in the middle, but every time I hear stuff like that I get worried about the vocalist >_>


  2. Pinkgirl234 May 27, 2018 / 3:52 pm

    Oh. One more thing. When I made the request for you to translate this song, I also made a mini side request to translate the video’s description on Niconico. Is it fine if you can do that as well? I am curious as to what it says.

    Liked by 1 person

    • releska May 27, 2018 / 8:24 pm

      Sure thing! My apologies for overlooking it to begin with m(_ _)m

      “I was finally able to write a song about pictures.

      This is the last track I’ll publish in this MyList.

      [Song info]

      It’s been a while, everyone!
      Thank you so much to all the viewers, artists, video makers, and my mother for supporting me!
      Let’s meet again on Yukari’s birthday! *wave*”

      Liked by 1 person

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