Album art.

想 ~unfinished dream~ || Feelings ~unfinished dream~

Album art.

想 ~unfinished dream~
sou ~unfinished dream~
Feelings ~unfinished dream~

Vocals: りこ (Riko)
Lyrics: 海兎 (Kaito)
Arranged by: Tomoya
Album: Helius Aggregation
Circle: Amateras Records
Event: C81
Original theme: Starry Sky of Small Desires [小さな欲望の星空]

Requested by: Vengeance

想 is consistently sung as 声 (koe, voice), so it’s possible that the title should be interpreted in the same way.


夜空埋めてく色とりどりの 想(こえ)
儚き記億 伝う涙に
誰かの願い そっと触れて消えた

過去の想(こえ) 耳を澄まし風が吹く場所で眺めていた

拙い言葉 君を求めて

流れてく人の群れに この身を委ねて 廻る(まわる)セカイ
今を往く君に想い いつか夢に見て不意に涙


umarekuru no wa hoshi no inochi de
yozora umeteku irotoridori no koe
hakanaki kioku tsutau namida ni
dareka no negai sotto furete kieta

kagayaite kieru koe to hoshi no furu yoru ni nani o omou?
kako no koe mimi o sumashi kaze ga fuku basho de nagamete ita

umarete meguru seimei no hibi
toki o tsumuide tsumikasaneta rekishi
tsutanai kotoba kimi o motomete
watashi no negai uketsugarete yuku no

nagareteku hito no mure ni kono mi wo yudanete mawaru sekai
ima o yuku kimi ni omoi itsuka yume ni mite fui ni namida


Stars are born.
Their multicoloured voices cover the night sky.
Fleeting memories lie in my falling tears.
I gently touched someone’s desires and they vanished.

What do you think about voices, shining and fading away, and nights full of shooting stars?
I listened for voices from the past. I was looking out from a place where the wind blew.

During these days, lives are born. They go through a cycle.
Spinning together time, they accumulate history.
My words are clumsy. I want you.
My desires are being inherited by another.

I abandon myself to a flowing crowd of people. The world turns.
I have feelings for you, living in the present. I saw you in a dream one day and suddenly cried.






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  1. Vengeance Avatar

    Very nice, thank you again !! ^o^ /

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